12 November 2013

Blast From The Past - First ever party

It was about time since I've been thinking of doing these series of posts.
I thought this might be interesting for you guys to see how my style developed, and to amuse yourselves at awkward babybat pictures...
When I think about it, if I would to read a blog of a goth person, I would have been very curious to see the different reincarnations of this person's outlook :)

To start the series I present to you a picture from the first party I've ever went to:

I think I was 18 or 19. I basically have everything from this outfit brought with me to Berlin, except for the tank top. I went to a "rock and metal" [aka, mainstream teenage music night] party with a girl who went to army with me. Yes, this was army time, a very bad time...

That party did however change my view on alternative things, and having fun with a friend to super loud [heard a million times] music made me very very happy. I've also felt like a grownup, going to a different city for a party, x-tremmmeee!

Fun Fact: this was the first and last time I went to the infamous club in Tel Aviv, the Mosad [a huge 3 floor venue serving "alternative" parties since I don't know how long]. Why? Because I since then believe that the goth scene in Israel doesn't begin and end with Tel Aviv. Also, post punk was the last thing played in that party, and I got so terribly drunk, the way back home was filled with "surprising" visits as public toilets. Not pretty, certainly not....

Till next time, be safe!

N. Finsternis


  1. Oh, you changed a lot, even after comparing it to your recent photos I wouldn't recognize you...:D
    I don't remember my first ever party, I've never been into parties and drinking, but it might have been a concert...anyway...:D

    1. Yeah, I love the fact that people who knew me then wouldn't recognize me if they would see me now. Besides I didn't like the way I looked back then, it wasn't "fully" goth in my taste.

  2. i think a lot of my first looks looked similar...black clothes from the closet +fishnet shirt. I always love these style history posts...thanks for sharing!

    1. Gladly! More posts like this will pop up from time to time :)