8 September 2014

Dancing Video from latest The Wings Of Desire gig

I´ve got my hand on uploading the video from the latest The Wings Of Desire gig, which I´ve blogged about here.

The band has been missing a descent concert video ever since the amazing Lena joined as a clarinet player. We got lucky with the sound in the video, though it´s too dark for you to see some parts of my dancing.
We had a lot of fun at this concert, I am so happy to dance, it feels amazing. Hope to hear your opinion on this :)

The Wings Of Desire / Kingdom

Boris is working on recording an EP, so let´s hope it won´t take too long and we could share the music with you!

Also, this thursday we are going to Copenhagen, where Boris´ other band Totenwald will play at Totentanz, a frequent goth event with gigs and parties. We are so excited to go abroad again, not to mention we are doing the trip by bus! 7 hour ride here we come!
I will indeed take lots of pictures and hopefully videos too, so if I won´t blog till then, I will return to you next week. By now I hope to stop having a sudden fever, kind of sucks :/ but at least I´m sick now and not in the middle of the trip XD

picture from the concert which is a visual representation of being on acid. Can you spot Lena in the pic?
N. Finsternis


  1. awesome song, and I wish I could dance like you!

    1. thank you so much! nah it´s just a bunch of dance-like movements that i do, nothing professional hehe. it only feels right doing it,