10 September 2014

Face Of The Night - Punk Vests and Orage Lips

Surprise, I have finally found that spot in my apartment where the natural light is perfect! Thous it is only if I take makeup shots at daylight.... I am quite surprised that my camera did such a good job on the color and contrast, as it is not so good taking pictures except for in black and white.

I wear this orange lipstick a lot in summer, it is more interesting than red and stays forever, very matt though originally wasn´t sold as a matt one, and I love the way it fades, since like bright pink lipsticks it doesn´t "give away" your natural lip color that obviously like it is with dark lipsticks. I wore my hair up because long hair didn´t fit my personal taste for this rather DIY outfit. I promised you more punk, that I did!

I´ve sewn some patches on my favorite high waist skirt.

I am going to Copenhagen tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I will try to collect memories from the trip with photos and videos!

N. Finsternis