17 September 2014

How we went to Copenhagen

A few days after coming back from Copenhagen and another few days before hitting Uzbekistan, here is a small documentation of our awesome weekend.
As mentioned before, I accompanied Boris, Sergej and Trish (Totenwald) on their concert-trip, where they´ve played alongside other 3 bands (the names of which I do not remember) at an even called Totentanz.
Christoffer, one of the organizers, is also the guitarist and singer of Metro Cult, whom we´ve seen a couple of times in Berlin already. We stayed at his place and he took care of us by walking through the city and enlightening us on all aspect of the Copenhagen goth and DIY scene. It was fascinating and fun, I am always interested in the scene in other countries.
Aside from that there was a ton of live gigs in only 2 nights at lovely squats which we were happy to find out existed.

On our way walking around, a (potentially drunk) guy approached us and wanted to take a picture of us for his "almost like people of NYC project", people of Copenhagen (Typer i København). Little did he know that he´s caught quite an eclectic bunch consisting mainly of people from Berlin originally not from Berlin at all. The picture if my favorite from the entire trip, I am thinking of printing it because of how amusing we look:

me, Boris, Paw who hid himself, Sergej, Trish and Christoffer.

On our second day we walked some more, before hitting the squat that was hosting our gig. I helped making veggie burgers for the bands, it was fun and satisfying. We´ve started drinking that day while having way too much fun with this boxing arena, located on the ever so adolescent "red square" in the city.

What else did we find in the red square? This:

The sign says "Moskvich" in Russian, meaning "a person who came from Moscow", it was also a car company.

So between all the booze, bulge shopping of unusual flavored fish, beautiful people with unpronounceable Danish names and some more booze, Totenwald played their gig, I took photos and videos, and an hour later we were on the bus back, 7 hours ahead of us before we reached Berlin. The trip was so much fun, the scene in K-Town is alive and kicking, the people were so nice and we can´t wait to visit there again!

Here is a video of a new song, Stereotypes:

Now we are getting ready for a trip to a completely different country. I cannot wait to see my grandparents and my parents who arrived there already from Israel. So next update will be probably in October.
I wish everyone a pleasant and adventurous Autumn!

N. Finsternis


  1. I love that photo of the group! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. :)

    1. yeah it looks like taken out of a magazine hehe

  2. That is great that you are able to travel and play at gigs. Oh Uzbekistan sounds so far away, I hope your relatives are thriving there. I would love to see photos from your trip there.

    1. yeah it is, we are traveling 10 hours there with one connection flight in St. Petersburg -_- I will sure make photos!

  3. Whoa, this was so cool! You guys look so happy and beautiful. :)

  4. Wow that's an awesome picture of you guys. Like it should be on an album sleeve or something. and those wrestling pictures are awesome. Seems like a fun trip!

    1. it was great, really felt like a family trip hehe