1 October 2014

Some Wear Leather Some Wear Lace book haul!

I´m back from Uzbekistan!! Before I get the big fat rar file from my dad with all the photos I´ve wanted to blog about the Some Wear Leather Some Wear Lace book which I´ve purchased a few hours before going on the flight!
I wanted to go to the Berlin release party so badly, but since our flight was early in the morning I arranged with Andi to pick up the book at the venue and then go. From what I could tell the party should have been promising, since aside the book copies they were offering cds and other subculture related books, printed photos and cookies. The band Liste Noir was the live act, so I kind of wished I was there, though my main goal has been the book, which is an early birthday present from Boris.

I found the book really wonderful and magical; a lovely commemoration of the gothic subculture as it originally was in the 80s, and probably would never ever be the same. I felt that the variety of pictures provided in the Post Punk Project´s Tumblr could have been different than selected for the book, but that´s maybe because it´s so difficult to sort out the best of the best of so many unique images.

On the one hand I felt like wanting to live in the world of these people. the clubs, the concerts and the styles which gave no boundaries to the imagination, especially gender-wise. Yet on the other hand I felt a bit sad asking myself where all those people might be today, how do they look like now, what kind of lives to they lead.
I was then up for a surprise on page 117, in the section dedicated to the German Grufties (which I´ve liked the most).
The picture in the middle of the bottom line was provided by me!! I´ve credited the name of the person of course and it is written in the book as well (with a mistake lol).

There is a lot of space in the book dedicated to history, which I found very important considering the difference in the subculture in every country. There was even a page written about the scene in the Soviet countries, and then it hit me that I could have actually helped the book makers with this, since there were only 2 bands mentioned which had little to do with goth. The thought about mentioning other bands and info and maybe helping to contribute a bit more hasn´t left me, but ah well, next time ;)

I recommend purchasing the book, it is as good as they say. I think that making such a project is a huge contribution to the subculture and is a respectful thing to do. I am happy I am an owner of a copy, it makes me want to collect a ton of books about the scene to have that little piece of history near me.

Updates and photos on Uzbekistan including a haul will come soon! Now it´s back to reality and to university for me, my 3rd Semester starts in 2 weeks, and it feels kind of strange just to think about it.

N. Finsternis


  1. Good to hear from you again! Hope the trip was good; I asked for the same book for my birthday too, but yet to see if I've struck lucky.

    1. Trip was great, there is a lot to tell! You can order the book online, the price is worth it :)