6 October 2014

Night of the birthday look @ Minicave festival

On the 5th of October I had my 23rd birthday. I was "on the road" with The Wings Of Desire as they played a part in the Minicave festival which took place on the 4th of October in Münster.

The festival had 4 bands this time (with Metro Cult´s unfortunate cancel :( ): Urban Grey who came from Amsterdam (and will play with TWOD later this month in Berlin!), Monowelt who happen to be 2 of our best friends and Elvira & The Bats from France.
So I had the pleasure of performing, enjoying some great concerts and having a ton of food and alcohol back stage- and all this for free! Needless to say that this was quite a birthday celebration and I was so happy to have my best friends with me!
Boris and I had a blast with the little gothic pogo that was going on during Elvira´s show (she was the main act). I´ve never been to a gothic pogo before, it was quite amusing, though stirred the champagne in my belly XD

Here are my looks for my birthday night. I´ve deathrockened myself up for my performance with TWOD as well:

I wanted to backcomb my hair again but because it´s so long I braided the lower half. It actually comes out quite nicely, I think of doing it like this more often, since long hair is hard to backcomb. I am thinking of maybe having the upper layer cut a bit to have that mullet-backcomb-potential.

My "face of agony" is the best facial expression for selfies.
I wore my nude-deathrock outfit again because I wanted to be comfy while dancing. This is probably my favorite goth outfit, I always come back to it and am very pleased of its gothyness lol.

Here are a few shots of The Wings Of Desire´s performance, provided by DJ Cyberpagan at


We had a great time performing and kind of tired of traveling excessively, but it´s so rewarding and feels great! Have a great October time everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. looking fabulous! happy birthday!

  2. First: happy birthday!
    Second: you look so good! The hair, the outfit, the make up, everything just looks amazing!

    1. aww thank you so much, that´s really nice of you :3