22 October 2013

Deus Ex Machina Feat. Gothy Two Shoes!

Sorry for the lack of update, things have been going crazy lately, not to mention I am in for another struggle with the German bureaucratic system which has made life less fun to live.

So a quick post to cheer you and me up:

Last weekend I had the honor to meet the beautiful and awesome Natalie of Gothy Two Shoes!
She came to Berlin as part of her Eurotrip, and I was stoked to walk around the city, learn new exciting things about Australia and talk about the subculture!

It was lots of fun, first time for me meeting a blogger from another country! I still want to continue hanging out and eating stuff on our way to Hake Markt! XD

Here's evidence, and a proper mutual photo should be posted by Natalie! Hope you're enjoying the UK, by the way :)

Being Gawth at the jewish memorial...

So yeah, people out there who read each other's blogs- meet each other! And you are more than welcome to visit Berlin one day!

Have a great and uncomplicated with governmental systems week!

N. Finsternis


  1. Ah, how cool that you got to meet Natalie! Hope your bureaucratic problems work out soon. :o)

    1. thanks! hope I won't g insane from waiting for time to make things better!

  2. Yay, that's awesome!! It's great to see blog crossovers!!

  3. gah!!! face to face interaction!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah to see that a person is real is crazy ;)

  4. Great!! Good to see that she has travelled safe. Nice that you were able to meet :D