13 October 2013

She Past Away live in Berlin!

I finally had time to retouch and update the photos from this amazing concert! I saw She Past Away last week the day before my birthday, and it sure was a great memory and a wonderful concert!

I was so happy to witness this great band, which in my opinion one of the best contemporary post punk bands today.
They sounded perfect live, absolutely like in the recording but with so much vibe and mystery! I was also positively surprised how only 2 people can make the stage alive, make the entire crowd dance and captivate so well :)
Also the sound itself was great, my ears didn't hurt after the concert, everything was so balanced it made me wish each concert I go to would have so much harmony to it.

Fun Fact: the crowd didn't sing along, from obvious reasons ;)

Here are the pics:

I highly recommend you all to see SPA if you have the chance!
I was also so excited when they played my favorite song Rituel, and repeated it as encore! 
Also, in the end of the concert the bassist got on a chair and took photos of the crowd! :) I was informed I got in the shot thanks to my friend Marta!

Can you find me, or does the "end racism" bag speaks for itself? ;)
Also on a more private note:
I haven't been posting regularly because my life as a university student has begun!! I have a lot to do and I ended up coming home exhausted every day. Hopefully I will get used to the tempo quickly. For those of you who don't know, I am studying education.

There is a post about another band to come, and I hope I will be able to update more frequently!
Stay creepy and have a great week!

thank you so much for 71 followers!!! I've only noticed the number when I checked my blog a few days ago! What a great surprise! Thank you so much!!

A video from the concert!

N. Finsternis

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