6 October 2013

22nd Gothy Birthday

Yesterday was my first birthday in Berlin. I've turned 22 and that probably won't mean anything to me until next year when I'll get older again ;)

I had a fun and romantic day with my dear Boris. He woke me up with roses and gave me the birthday present I'd asked for- a Tibetan singing bowl :)
We then went to a forest near our house for a walk to great the Autumn once more, I took some pictures of the beautiful Nature I'm so happy to be surrounded with. Later on we made a birthday pizza [since I was a little girl I always had pizza for birthday instead of a cake, because I dislike cakes. I had candles on the pizza when I was little :)] and drank a whole bottle of bubbly with Mozart chocolate :P
And then we went to an 80's party. Sounds like a lot, but it was a quiet house hang out throughout the day, just Boris and I.

Here are some pics from the forest!

The beautiful singing bowl! It has 2 sticks, one of wood, and the other covered with leather. The two produce different sounds. I've already used it for a bath meditation, it was amazing!

 How I love Fungi! Yum yum XD

There was such magical atmosphere that day. I've spoken with all my family members, but sadly nor with my own parents. That was a bit odd, and although both wrote me very touching birthday wishes, not talking to my mother in person on my birthday made a lonely atmosphere. It was weird and didn't to good to me the entire day. But with Boris by my side I couldn't ask for better company and bigger love. 

Moving on to the party pics :)
It was great to see my dear friend Marta and hang out, the music was so much fun and the atmosphere got better after dancing to Joy Division, She Past Away [I've also happened to see them live the day before my birthday, photos will come soon!] and In Death It Ends.

Face: Catrice photo finish makeup + powder + Jade [IL] concealer
Eyeshadow: Sparkly white from a Careline [IL] palette of mine + black eyeshadw by L'oreal [not cruelty free and I don't recommend it]
Eyebrows + Eyeliner: Caltice gel liner
Lips: Careline "very purple" lipstick + a little bit of black lipstick
Mascara: Manhattan

I love how it looks as if I have false lashes on, but I don't! False lashes are an equivalent of masochism in my opinion.

I then spontaneously felt so glamorous, a feeling which got followed by a ton of selfies, something I haven't done in a while [if to exclude the special face posts I do for you guys]. I felt so deffrokkk....

And last but not least, the party outfit:

Don't mind the "Maria" behind me, it's a sign for our room with Boris that I've made so that our ever changing flatmates will know our own names.
I've also finally worn my new combat boots to a party! They were a blessing to dance with. I can't describe the pleasure of living in these shoes! XD

I had a great time yesterday, I've felt that I've changed so much since my last birthday, my surroundings changed and the person who I am has developed [thank god]. I also look nothing like myself a year ago, blonde and deathrock-ish, I like how it looks!
However, I feel that for the past 2 days I've experienced quite a few ups and downs, made mistakes and resolutions. I hope I will become a better person and continue to learn about myself even more.
I thank each day for having someone so special like Boris by my side.

For those who have wished me a happy birthday privately and on FB- thank you so much. I am so lucky to have so many people who love me. It's a blessing and it makes me happy and alive.

N. Finsternis


  1. happy birthday! it seems like you had a blast!

  2. Happy birthday! I love your Tibetan singing bowl.

    1. Thanks so much! I should make a video so you could hear how it sounds :)

  3. Happy late birthday! Looks like it was a good one - I'd love to go to a club night on mine, but it doesn't coincide with any. :(

    1. Thank you! Don't worry, you can always go out later or have a picnic on your birthrday instead, that was a long tradition of ours :)