2 October 2013

Face of the University Day + Cross Accessories!

I have found myself being a university student, without officially being listed as one just yet. Don't congratulate me, as my status isn't stable and everything [as always] hangs in the air when it comes to bureaucracy matters. I still have a couple of documents to hand in. Meanwhile I'll be off visiting lectures in the German language of might.

Anyway, I've been creative with makeup lately. All them goths and deathrockers with their blue eyeshadow made me inspired:

Black eyeshadow: L'oreal [not animal friendly + a really crappy eyeshadow, looks gray all the time. Don't buy L'oreal]
Teal eyeshadow: From an eyeshadow palette of mine by Careline [Israeli brand, cruelty free]
Eye liner + eyebrows: Catrice gel liner
Lips: black lipstick + chapstick

When straightened, hair looks rather long :) I've trimmed my tips the other day, it was silly and fun. Not gonna pay money for a barber who would cut half of my hair just to do the tips. Don't be afraid to cut it yourself, shit grows back anyway...
Must I add that a blonde toner shampoo does wonders to the color.

Moving along. look what I found at Tedi, the German version of the dollar store!

They came as a set, just for 1 euro! Finding long desired kick ass accessories in the minimum desired price? Sound like pure victory to me.
I said it before and I'll say it again: you can find wonders in junk stores. Literary the most cool stuff, even the most simple stuff you were searching for years, you could find at those dusty stock shops that sell crap....
I've also looked everywhere for that simple and basic cross design. 

Birthday on Saturday! I'm not even 100% sure what I'll be doing, but there's a She Past Away concert the day before and a debate between 2 parties I'm having. Probably gonna do everything until I'm butt drunk like last year. Only this time it'll be my first birthday in Berlin :P

N. Finsternis


  1. lovely!! and good luck with all the documents and shit for college!!