28 September 2013

Face Of The -before I got sick- Day

So the past week I had been struggling with the flew, lying all day in bed watching Pretty Little Liars. It was a bummer but I got better quite fast. Yet when I could finally feel my taste buds without mucus preventing me from enjoying foods, 2 of my yet completely grown out wisdom teeth decided to take advantage of my weak body and cause an inflammation. I am used to wisdom teeth making my life hell, I had inflammation in them for like 4 times, dentists keeping persuading me that I should take them out. The trouble is that they are not 4 quarters out yet, and each time they grow a little, they hurt terribly, and as long as I have inflammation I cannot take the tooth out. Not to mention I'd rather keep all my teeth instead of getting rid of them. [but I've promised myself that if I'd decide to do so, I'll definitely make an earring from the tooth].

So these are the reasons I haven't been posting as regularly as usual. Taking antibiotics now, hopefully this whole thing would be over till my Birthday on the 5th of October so I could drink alcohol at least.

Anyway, here's the last showing worthy makeup thing I did before getting sick.

Eyebrows + Eyeliner: Catrice Gel liner -cruelty free-
Eyeshadow Base: Catrice [not very fond of it though...]
Purple eyeshadow: An eyeshadow palette I got as a gift long time ago, Careline, Israeli brand -cruelty free-
Mascara: Manhattan -cruelty free-
Lipstick: Very Purple by Careline
Concealer under eyes: Jade, Israeli brand -cruelty free- + Powder by Manhattan.

This look reminds me of the way I used to do my makeup back in Israel, about a year before moving to Berlin, when I had my eyebrows shaved off. I love to draw these kind of eyebrows, kind of missed that.

Sadly the color of the lipstick is barely seen in these pics. It a gorgeous shade of purple, a warm shade however [I prefer cooler shades] but very rich and stays for long. If any of my dear readers in Israel want to check out a great dark purple lipstick, I definitely recommend Careline, a great brand with great products, also cruelty free and not over the top prices.

Also, roots need to be colored and I need to trim my tips a little because the coloring process did damage them, not drastically, but they don't feel smooth anymore.

N. Finsternis


  1. I hope you're gonna get better soon! You know, if there's any higher power, I'm thankful to leaving me alone with this whole wisdom teeth - misery, I don't have any of them grown and I'd like to keep it that way...:D

    1. Thank you! I always tell people that as long as they don't have any wisdom teeth, they should be thankful not being blessed by them ;)

  2. Oh, wisdom teeth are really bad. I was with them at surgery few years ago, doctor took all 4 of them meanwhile I was under drugs, which was fine to feel nothing during operation, but after that it was hell - almost 14 days without opportunity to eat something more tough than yogurt.
    So I hope you will be ok with yours and it will be better without drastic operation.

    1. Wow that is extreme. My inflammation if over now, but I'm always ready for surprised with these teeth...