22 September 2013

Concerts: The Bellicose Minds, Belgrado & Substitute?

Friday this triple concert took place in Kastanienkeller, an underground venue which I haven't visited yet. It was awesome, great atmosphere for very cheap beer prices.
I was looking forward to see Belgrado, since I am familiar with their first releases, they've sounded very punk-ish to me and I was really excited to hear them live, also because they are one of the bands I've discovered here in Berlin :)

The first band who opened the show were Substitute?, a [apparently] new band. Personally their music didn't touch me, it was too punk for me, but the performance was cool. I especially enjoyed their lead guitarist and basist. I couldn't find their Facebook page unfortunately :(

Belgrado were awesome, mostly because I was surprised to hear more post punk than actual punk. The performance was great, and the music was clear and fun, all instruments were very delicate but nonetheless there was something dark and serious in each song. I think that Belgrado are a great example of what post punk sound like nowadays. Unfortunately, the odd crowd going crazy with the pogo really made it difficult to enjoy the music. Why the hell these people must do pogo to such music??? There was nothing to pogo about in Belgrado, I enjoyed listening to them without having the need to crush and stomp the people around me. It's not that kind of music. Stupid people.

I had no idea who The Bellicose Minds were until a friend sent me their stuff a day before the gig. I was impressed and very curious to hear them live. To say the least, I haven't been so taken by a new post punk band for a long time. They were absolutely perfect. I loved everything, the music, the lyrics, their ideas, I just can't describe how satisfied I felt inside when recognizing well loved influences in their music, and that making them sound very authentic. In my opinion, this band is exactly what post punk should sound like. Seriously, I fell in love with them. I highly recommend you to check them out, they are amazing!! I think they are one of my favorite contemporary bands, along with Cold In Berlin and Lebanon Hanover.

Anyway, here are some pics:


More pics on my Facebook page.

I think that both Belgrado and The Bellicose Minds are a great example of how old school goth revives itself today. Back in Israel I couldn't dream of seeing those kind of bands live, not to mention having no clue that there are still people today who make such great music, bringing their love for cult bands such as Joy Division and Xmal Deutschland and many others into their own unique style.
That's why I was so happy inside after the concert. It was so interesting to witness this change, a very good change in the subculture, that commemorates the old school movement with the new. This is just my impression at least. Also, both played very professionally, and it was delightful to hear.

What struck me was the diversity of the crowd: punks, pastel goths, fucking hipsters and what not. How interesting it was to see what kind of audience that music attracted, and frankly I don't mean to mention this in a negative aspect. To see different groups of alternative people going to see the same bands is very respectful both for the bands and for the scene.

This concludes my "behold the graveyard scene" post. Check out the bands and I hope you will like them!
Forgive me for repeating myself but- go to see live music! Support your local goth/post punk bands! Especially if you live in a place where such events occur once in a decade [ehm, Israel]. :)

N. Finsternis


  1. no way... you actually saw pastel goths? I thought they only existed on tumblr. I've never, ever seen one in real life.

    1. I was also surprised!! They weren't dressed all pastel, they wore black clothes, but lilac hair, doll like makeup and cross accessories made them look pastel. I am also excited to see nu goth people, especially boys, from time to time.