20 September 2013

The Goth Challenge: Days 12, 13, 14 & 15

Day 12: What's your gothic inspiration?

I already did a gothic inspiration back in my few first posts here, here it is.
I find this question really confusing, because I was [and currently] inspired by so many things.
When I just got into goth I was inspired by anime and gothic lolita, through the years it has been the immortal babybat favorite- romantic goth/ victorian.
For the last couple of years I have been inspired by Nu Goth, Deathrock, Punk, Oldschool Goth and Boho Shick. Other things affect my style such as Wicca, witchy Tumblrs and Grunge. I find it really had to put a finger on directly what's been "gothicly" inspiring me lately. DIY galore inspires me all the time and kind of makes me look at my style differently each time!

Day 13: What was your first band t-shirt?

I've mentioned this also before. Back in highschool when Boris and I discovered Einstuerzende Neubauten we were so dazzled by them, I asked Boris to make a diy shirt for me with their symbol. We had no option nor money to buy band t-shirts, nor were the t-shirts with our favorite bands sold anywhere. This was the result:

When I modeled for a friend. I am 19 here.
I wore this shirt so proudly until the paint wore off, and the shirt itself, which I've managed to get from a classmate who wanted to dispose it, became grey.

Day 14: What's your best and worst DIY disaster?

My worst was a long sleeves purple shirt that I cut in junior high. I cut a heart on the area where my nipple was, and one sleeve was torn in a Peter Pan-like way. It looked so bad and didn't match with anything.

My best would probably be my skirt/ garter pants I made with Boris' mother, shown in this post.
Along with my diy jacket filled with diy patches [shown here], and my new punk vest, shown here.

Day 15: Your favorite and most expensive item in your wardrobe.

See the picture above of my modeling days? I wore fake leather pants, which have costed a lot, 500 Israeli Shekels, about 141 US Dollars and 105 Euro!
My mother helped me buy them, and they were absolutely amazing for about 2 years, they were one of the "key" items for a better gothy wardrobe, and I've worn them until the leather began to crust, nowhere else but in the crotch area. So unfortunately I don't wear them anymore.

My current most expensive item would have to be my Demonias, which Boris has bought me as a gift for my 21st Birthday, I don't remember how much they were, he got it off Ebay.

On a side note, blog's headline was changed from crappy Greek-like English imitating letters, to Russian. I did this because a friend who speaks Greek told me that the letters weren't placed properly, and it turned out that it looked "Deus Ex Machina" only to me. So to avoid more stupidity I've decided to write the same headline with Russian mixed with English, that way at least I will know it's incorrectly spelled. ;)

Also, today I'm attending yet another concert, which I am very excited about! Belgrado, The Bellicose Minds and Substitute [not familiar with them] are going to perform and I am stoked on taking some pictures!! I was more excited to see Belgrado first, because I didn't know who The Bellicose Minds were, but then a friend sent me links to their songs and they sounded awesome! I've been also recommended to see them both live.

Have an amazing grey weekend everyone!

N. Finsternis


  1. great post!! I adore reading your "goth challenge" posts!!


    1. I know you do, thanks for commenting each time!

  2. Nice post, i have some inspirations too, more since my teenager, i make part of goth subculture, but nowadays i like a many types of styles, nu goth, pastel goth and mainly Death Rock XD

    Nice blog, see you >.<


  3. that diy band EN tshirt looks awesome! did you use fabric paint or something?

    1. Thank you, Boris did it for me with acrylic, I use this paint for all my patches.