16 September 2013

First Real Combat Boots

It has been time since I've shared this with you. About a month ago I've bought new boots, as in- real combat boots.

Finding no previous pics of former combat boots, I shall lay down the story for you:
I've had 2 pairs of boots in my life, both fakes of the real thing [the ones that have lacing but a zipper as well]. The first pair my mother bought me when I was like 16, I've been nagging her to go buy shoes with me, but had no idea which kind I've wanted. We've browsed the shopping mall until my eyes [kilometers away from the target, yes?] landed on a pair of combat boots standing in one of my favorite Israeli shoe shops, Gazith [very recommended for alternative people who don't have much money]. They were absolutely perfect and I wore them everywhere. They've lasted me for almost 3 years, which is rare for shoes from that company.
The second pair were from another Israeli brand called Spring. If any of you Israeli readers out there planning to purchase shoes from that company, hold your horses. They weren't too cheap but looked cool, yet another fake combats. The shoes were such a fail they've disappointing me since the first Israeli winter [aka, absence of the winter season]. Not only did the rain made them wet from the inside, I had to have the repaired almost a month after purchasing. Obviously enough, they didn't survive the cruel snowy winter in Berlin. Thus making me rid of them forever this summer.

Farewell boots. You haven't served me well at all. I only kept the shoe laces. 

With that being said, I had to find good winter boots before it really got cold/ rainy. And so I went with Boris to one of Berlin's flea markets, recalling a friend telling us one could find combats there for a reasonable price [I don't have the option to order them online].

How did the flea market look like, and how come one can find kick ass boots for like 35 euro, second hand but in amazing condition, you say? Well, the only logic explanation would be, that this is Berlin baby.
At one point I thought I've reached Valhalla.

It was insane. So many awesome shoes, piled up [but being kept well] on a small stand. We saw combats [uk made!] in various sizes and lengths, ever real wincklepikers size 43!! I begged Boris to try them, but he wisely held himself back hence he wasn't going to buy shoes.

I've picked the combats which looked least worn, they only have a small scratch on the front of the right shoe. After giving them a polish one can't notice that. They are size 39, exactly what I need, and are surprisingly heavy. I am still excited each time I wear them!

 They are real leather unfortunately, but at least they are second hand...
Also they are hard, which means it is difficult to go down the stairs [foot doesn't bend]. But overall they are perfect, they look amazing, they are super comfortable and make me feel very feminine! Imagine that....

Discovered this Russian hardcore punk band yesterday. Great music with very wise lyrics and zero use of cursing words! I still am stoked about it, great band!

N. Finsternis


  1. I've been searching for a pair of used combat boots for practically forever but I've never been able to find them in my size (38). Obviously, I should have checked the flea markets when we were in Berlin! I'm very happy for you - nothing beats a great pair of combat boots! :D

    1. Thank you! I would suggest searching on ebay, if you have the option to buy online. A friend told me that she had bought her combats on ebay for only 20 euros and they were brand new!!!

  2. I also recently bought my first pair of combat boots. Combat boots aren't really my style, but I though that it would be good to have a pair as a wardrobe staple of sorts. I bought mine new though, and they do have the zipper so I'm not sure they count... ;) Yours look better too!

    1. I think that the ones that have a zipper on the inside are just a retail store combats, meaning fake ones. But it's a good opportunity to try something new if you're not sure how the shoes will fit into your style.

  3. cool boots! and thanks for sharing the russian band. I was listening to molotov by soulfly and was like "why am I listening to a Brazilian band singing in russian when there's got to be russian bands out there!" and look at that! It's everything I wanted: snow, a guitar shaped like a gun, folk-russian intro...

    1. Cool, glad I could introduce you to a new band! I'm always hoping that by the links I put up here someone will discover new music!
      I am drooling over those gun shaped guitars!!!