13 September 2013

Tanzkommando Untergang - One Last Time

It was January, Boris and I entered a very odd filthy place filled with tons of graffiti and spiderwebs, and realized we're in a house project, them abandoned houses punks use to change the world, but in reality they get drunk and play mostly bad music. But that night was different, not because we still couldn't get use to the horrific Berlin winter, but because that night 2 special things happened in that house project under the name Kopi- we met people that would be our best friends for the first time, and there was really good music.

That was when I heard TKU for the first time. Surprised that the vocals came from a female singer, as when I heard their songs on youtube I thought it was a guy, and overwhelmed by the number of real live punks which I've never had any human contact to when I lived in Israel, that was for me a historic night.
Because I've never was so attached to a certain band before, I felt like I wanted to hear their concerts all over again, that I actually take pretty nice concert photos considering my professionally amateur skills.

I remember standing in the corner in my coat and scarf dying from cold, while all the punks jumped around with dreadlocks from their butts and their DIY studded vests and thought, I don't belong here, but the music makes me feel at home, it makes me want to be who I am.
From that concert on I've self proclaimed myself as a goth-concert photographer, and I've been following TKU to every gig in Berlin.

I think I even was a bit jealous, not sure of what. Maybe of other people who found their place in Berlin, whereas at the time Boris and I spent in the city only a couple of weeks, adapting ourselves to absolutely everything.

This Monday Tanzkommando Untergang played their last gig, at the same house project Kopi, but in a different hall, much smaller and intimate. It is a shame when a band splits, but with every ending comes a new beginning, and I can say that I am even more attached to the beloved Marta, and am very excited for her coldwave duo Monowelt, which I am positive would bring [good] drama to the scene :)

I was more than honored to photograph this last concert. The hell, I've been planning this for a month, and although I was drunk and a bit high, the pics came out pretty good. Haven't used long exposure for such a long time, I've missed that.

The same night played Horror Vacui, an Italian dark punk band, which were absolutely awesome, energetic and interesting! I didn't like the vocalist's attitude and in my opinion one guitarist would have been enough, but the singing were amazing, and each song sounded really awesome. Unfortunately I was so drunk and tired by that moment, and the insane and annoying crowd didn't leave room for one slim photographer. Alas, next time.

I shall bless this tear squeezing post by saying to you: go to concerts. Go to see bands, especially from the scene. Who knows, maybe it's a band that won't ever perform anymore? Maybe you'll end up in one of the first gigs of a very influential and important band? Parties are fun and all, but they have been repeating themselves for the past 20 years. Bands come and go, and each has its own special spark, that in most cases, never come back.
Thank you TKU, I am so glad I had a chance to witness you live, know the band members personally and make such good friends :)

N. Finsternis


  1. your concert photos are always so awesome

    1. Really? Thank you so much, compliments on my photos always mean a lot!

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