26 October 2013

POST PUNK HOT WAVE BAND - The Wings Of Desire - Photoshoot + Singles Released!!!!

I am so stoked to finally post here again about Boris' post punk project, The Wings Of Desire!!
After so many months of working with the great help from the talented Kokel Audiokoma [Gruftschlampen, The Gallow Crows] and Marcel [Sickdoll, The Gallow Crows], The Wings Of Desire has released 2 new songs today!!!!
You are more than welcome to check them out, I hope the band's new style will be interesting for you!!

Here are the links to the songs:

Dead Town


Make sure to give the band a like on their Facebook Page!

Also, it has been a great number of months since we did the photoshoot, and I am so excited to share it with you guys!!!!! Making this has been loads of fun, and Boris is definitely my best model ;) he styled himself, by the way. Pictures were taken on the same day and location I made the Metro Decay Ebenoz Fan Video!

I simply adore the black and white ones, there were a ton but we had to pick only a few! :)
It can be amazing if you could check The Wings Of Desire out!! Also, it is one of the rare goth/ post punk projects today who try to mix other genres like Dub in their music!

Thanks ahead and tell me what you think!

N. Finsternis

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