28 October 2013

The Tooth of Horror is Out!

Earlier this month I was complaining to you about an inflammation for the 4th time in my wisdom tooth.
Guess who's going to make oddity jewelry?

This damn thing was successfully removed today in a somewhat fast procedure.
Well, I was nervous as hell, especially after my entire family and friends basically began building a coffin for me and saying anything possible but to make my impression of the process better. I was terrified and luckily Boris could be there with me. Although he was also surprised after the door of the dental cabinet closed behind me and opened again 2 seconds later.

The dentists [after giving me a shot, obviously] basically pulled the shit out of my mouth and poof- the tooth laid in front of me like a new born baby [quite the disturbing comparison, isn't it?]. I was like WTF?

The dentist was very nice, and it wasn't as frightening as I imagined!! I am so happy this damn thing is out of my mouth, because it was not fun at all having a useless tooth in my mouth. I still have the other 3 inside, you'll never know when I'll be getting rid of them...

So the tooth will be serving me as an earring. I still have to figure out where I could drill a hole in it, or how should I take care of the bone first in order to make it jewelry-proper. I'll have to find oddity tutorials regarding this one.
After holding this thing in my fingers, the funniest thing was me understanding why on earth them goth people are into oddities in the first place.
I used to see the collecting of oddities as something, well, odd... and I could understand why is it so fascinating.
But after holding the tooth, I was so curious as to its shape and weight, not to mention realizing that it was a part of me after all, that in a second I understood how interesting this bone stuff is....
I really want to wear the tooth as an earring, it's huge and so crooked and silly XD

So yeah, to all people who hasn't got their wisdom tooth out yet- fear no more. 
The only thing I am concerned about is the avalanche of pain that is yet to come. I have my narcotic painkillers, thank god, and I am very eager to use them already...

Have a nice healthy week everyone!

I'm quite sad about Lou Reed's death. At first I was like "oh bummer" but then it really got to me how his Velvet Underground stuff affected me and the way I view dark music. It was so unexpected, somehow I felt very sad inside.

N. Finsternis


  1. gah it looks so huge! Thankfully mine don't need to be removed. i'm actually missing one on one side too! good luck on the healing process!

  2. Huge tooth! I know those teeth in the back are huge. It's a nice idea to make a jewellery piece of it . I have also pulled out a tooth and it feels like loosing a limb. None of my wisdom teeths have showed up yet so I guess I'm lucky.

    1. You sure are! I don't wish the trouble they give to anyone!

  3. You’re making it into an earring? Cool! I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before. It is so nice that you had such a wonderful experience in going to the dentist. A wisdom tooth can be very painful to extract, but it seems that you had an easy time during the procedure. I’m looking forward to how the tooth earring would look like. 

    Silvia Ballard

    1. the procedure was surprisingly easy, as well as the following days after :)
      I had a lot on my hands since then and unfortunately didn´t get to do the earring yet, but it is something I will for sure fulfill one day!