31 October 2013

Outfit + Face of the previous weekend + Unhappy Halloween!

It's this time of year again, spooky stuff filling the stores ready to be bought by alternative people hungry for dark cheap things, people wearing fake blood upon themselves, children [apparently even in Berlin] trick or treating.....
And I don't give a shit about it.
How so?
Well you see, back in Israel we don't celebrate Halloween [ehm jewish country] and we have a jewish equivalent for a "costume holiday" that is Halloween, which is celebrated in spring and was probably the only jewish holiday that I loved. So seeing people carving pumpkins and wearing dark costumes doesn't make my heart beat faster. I've never celebrated Halloween nor decorated my house especially, because I think I just don't get the point. I wore gothy outfits on our "jewish Halloween" so many times I began wearing them each day, and that was satisfying :)

So with holiday spirit being ruined I shall share here the "oh so creative" makeup I did last weekend including the somewhat [long not seen] sexy outfit.

I saw this picture on Tumblr a few days before and it made me miss the ornaments and shapes I used to do with eyeliner back in my babybat days. So I figures a new experiment will be fun.

I know I didn't draw the egyptian eye as well as this girl in the picture, but I was really happy how it turned out!

Here is the makeup in color:

I swear my hair is not as orange anymore, however the camera always seem to ass color to it.
Makeup: Catrice Photo Finish Makeup [it's amazing!!] -cruelty free-
Concealer: Jade [Israeli brand] -cruelty free-
Powder + Mascara: Manhattan
Eyebrows + Eyeliner: Catrice Gel Liner
Egyptian eye: Manhattan liquid eyeliner pen -cruelty free-
Eyeshadow: from a Careline palette of mine [Israeli brand] -cruelty free-
Lips: chapstick + black lipstick, random brand.

You know what the craziest part was? I didn't use purple eyeshadow. I used LIGHT BROWN! It must have so much purple undertones in it it looks purple on pictures. Surreal. Eyeshadow is beautiful in natural light though, very beige-brown-ish.

I've also tried to crimp my hair with a second hand hair crimper I've purchased last month and finally got the time to use it! Well, the hair crimping kind of failed, because I didn't have enough patience to do it in layers, and the waves disappeared after 2 minutes. I should have looked up a tutorial, silly me..

Moving along,
It has been some time since I got the package from my mother, sending me a ton of clothes and my beloved autumn mantle to keep me warm. I kindly asked her to look for a pair of knee highs and a garter belt, which she did and I thank her so much for making this look come true:

everything you see here is either DIY or second hand. Sorry to lazy for descriptions.

I've used to dress like this more often back in Israel, when I used to think goth was about being undressed. I've waited to re-ware this outfit for so long now!!! 

With that being done I wish you all a crazy and morbid Halloween, drink like pigs and get laid. I will get back to my essay about theories and hypotheses in the social sciences [kind of contradicts the outfit, doesn't it?].

N. Finsternis


  1. I think your egyptian eye were better than the one on the photo. The painting feels more accurate than the swirls some do :)
    We dont celebrat halloween in Sweden either. It has somehow turned to a kitsch, freakish shopping event for kids and I have embraced it all. Or as our daughter says. Godness, you can never have a Santa Claus handing out gifts for christmas, but for halloween, you paint the livingroom black!

    1. Thank you!
      I hope to get the hand of Halloween some day... I think it's nice to decorate the house and give out candy, it kind of took me by surprise this year...

  2. I can appreciate your point of view on Halloween. For me, it lost it's magick from when I was a child. And every year in West Hollywood, I dread it because it's super crowded because of the bars, and there always are bad people wondering the streets looking to cause trouble.
    My ex girlfriend was Jewish and she would say a similar thing about Halloween, that her family doesn't celebrate it, but told me a bout the holiday similar to Halloween in Judaism - interesting.

    Once again, I love your outfit, make up, etc. You have such impeccable post-punk style!

    1. It's so cool you actually know that a jewish equivalent exist. Not a lot of people know about other religions than of those being celebrated in their family/ country.

      Aww you said post punk and not goth, I'm so excited now!

  3. you look amazing


  4. your eye makeup is awesome...and it's just as good as the tumblr photo.

    1. Thank you so much :P
      I should practice more though...