4 December 2012

Kan Kan

It's been a while since the first band post!
And this time I'm featuring one of my most beloved New Wave bands.

Kan Kan!

I honestly couldn't find anything considering their history. I would have to guess that they're from United Kingdom, but I could be wrong.
But thanks to this blog I can tell you that Kan Kan was a project by Patrick Dineem, and they were active in the beginning of the 80's released 3 EP's all of which I finally found after listening to them on youtube and downloading a few songs from there like a dork.

I can't even begin to describe what their music makes me feel. Those few songs, can last for several years without demanding more. I love the lyrics, they are magical in their own way always telling a story, and the music is always, in a very theatrical way, goes hand by hand.
What I love about Kan Kan is that they are so simple, and can reveal to you the most deep things through this simpleness. They keyboards and bass are so sweet, you feel like you're in a dream with each song.
Those are my personal feelings of course, I highly recommend them if you like gentle and pleasant New Wave.

Memories and Dreams

Blue Tango

Have a nice and calm week!

+ Nebel Violet +

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