9 December 2012

Recent Faces of The Day

Guten Morgen Schatzchen!

I will begin this by saying that as much as I want to have loads of posts on the Outfit of The Day subject, I can never get myself to do it, because:
+ I never ever wear makeup or smashing outfits at home! I do it only when I am going out for work or whatever, but at home I'll look plain and bare. Why? Not because I want to cover my natural features by makeup or look Gothy on purpose when I am in front of people, but it's just a custom we always had in our family- at home you wear home clothes, when going out- you wear going out clothes!
+ I never wear shoes at home! If you know by any chance a most normal Russian family or belong to one, this one sound peculiar at all to you. We walk in slippers at home. We never ever walk in shoes at home, even guests must take their shoes off. I'm not going to wash those floors every single fucking day! The same reason I rather not take a picture of my whole outfit with shoes at home.

Here's proof:

I retouched it a bit so you couldn't see my underwear ^^''

Anywho, it's time for some nice pictures of our faces from the following days. Here are some of Boris when he was DJing 80's about 2 weeks ago:

And me:

I like drawing blue and purple eyebrows too, I'll have to show them once as well :)
That's that for today, next post will be about fashion mostly, stay tuned!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. We have carpets over here instead of bare floors (because of the cold), but it's always been a rule in our house to remove your shoes and not track dirt into the house, as well! And I'd be lost without my wool Haflinger slippers. If you move to Germany, you must get a pair - they're very warm!

    I love your eye makeup in that first picture - Boris looks very cute, too! :o)

    1. Ha, really, I didn't know you take your shoes off! In America you mostly don't, do you?

      Snuggly slippers are always fun to wear in winter ^^

    2. Maybe it's different in the U.S. but I think most people in Canada take their shoes off when entering the house. Mostly because you're either tracking snow or mud into the house for nine months of the year if you don't! :D

    3. That's right! Same with Russian houses here. Besides, at home you must feel comfortable, taking shoes off sounds so natural to me :)

  2. I love the shoes off at home in same cultures.. too bad heere isn't like that