11 December 2012

Fashion Inspirations

If you know or not I am planning to study fashion in Berlin. I love searching for new looks every now and then and for anything that can inspire me, I certainly don't want to limit myself only to the Goth subculture which I obviously like, but mixing different styles and understanding the value of some mainstream designs and of course high fashion designers can give you a lot!

These are my recent inspirations:

Balmain Winter 2013

Next up is Lanvin, Winter 2013:

And Last are Dolce & Gabbana with their Winter 2013 collection. I never gave a fuck about them, but those bastards are good!

I literary loved everything int here!!

One last thing- if you're seriously intending to watch the fashion shows like I did, may I recommend watching them with the mute on while listening to Cathedral 13 radio. Warning: this can totally make your day! :D
Tell me what you think of these outfits, some of them really resemble our subculture, don't they?

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Beautiful collections!! I wish this was not only the inspiration, but as well what I wear! loool



    1. Hopefully one day i could make everything I like myself :)