15 December 2012

Gothic Photo Shoots!!!

Today was really exciting! After Boris and I took a walk outside we decided to do a little photo shoot spontaneously, which led to some surprising results!

But first, I want to share here a picture from a recent photo shoot I did with a good friend. We did it in October, however I got the pics a while ago and I asked his permission to post one here :)
This was very deathrock-ish:

It is not edited yet, but I am very happy with the result!

And here's the pin up~19th century fun we had today:


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I am so proud of the picture I take and edit of Boris. His appearance and face features pretty much resemble  of those from past centuries. I can't be more happy to show a glimpse of that in a picture because you don't really notice it in real life [because Boris is rather a Slavic looking jewish gypsy romanian something something...]. 
I am also going to use some of the pictures for my portfolio for my fashion studies. Gonna have them printed in about A3, I certainly can't wait for that! I must say I love printing photographs that I find proud of or simply beautiful. I always have a feeling that digital files can be easily lost or unreachable, however real live photographs are so rare and special today! 

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Great photos - you always find the best backdrops! I agree with you about photographs - there's something very special about a real one as opposed to a digital copy. :o)

  2. Beautiful photos!!
    And your shoot with you friend look awesome, I wanna see more pics!



    1. Thank you so much!
      By now I have only several shots and I promised I'll post only one picture :)

  3. Loved them both , the first one is amazing as a single , edited will look a milion books, and i loved your new photoshoot , its very nice , they mostly look like ilustrations , they should give amazing a3

  4. Wow, you look AWESOME in these photos! The first one is just amazing!