16 November 2012

More picture galore + War in Israel

Because I had a splendid outfit and makeup the other day.

 So there' like war again in Israel in the south of the country [I live in the north]. It's ok, it's fine, every one of the sides is bombing the other, people sitting in shelters and the TV's broadcasting where EXACTLY every rocket fell which is totally stupid and so none tactical. My mom is hosting our lovely relatives from the south. I have my relatives, but there ones I like. Gonna visit mom tomorrow.
This whole war thing [which is so not exciting in Israel as much as the whole world] keeps reminding me about the second Lebanon war in 2006 where the north of IL was bombed. I was like 14 and we had so much fun, literary, running to the shelter every half an hour and after a day like this we ran to our relatives in the south of the country. Spent the entire summer at the pool and then came back to school as if nothing happened. And then I met Boris at a party! Hey that actually was the last summer before I met him. How nice .

So anywho, last days were really tiring for me at work, and today I'm gonna party at a Victorian themed EBM party. Boris and I have a surprise outfit ^^

So far so good considering the Israeli Gothic festival. They're going to have a meeting with all the band to see who against who and when. I'm gonna attend as well because they said I can come. Certainly can't wait for that!

Fun fact: the only 9 months of my army service I was in the Home Front Command. I basically instructed children and adults [came to schools and work places] how to defend yourself at a life threatening situation s.a. earthquakes, fires and war. And how to wear a gas-mask properly. That was totally Cyber Goth :)

Have a nice safe weekend! Don't go out of shelter before 10 minutes have past!!! 

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. It's more of a Corp goth with a touch of Cyber :)

  2. I thought it was two years in the army? At least I think that's why my nieces had to serve. The youngest is going in December. Hopefully this will all be over by then... :o(

    1. Yes, it's two years for girls. I dropped out of the army after 6 months using the military psychological therapist. The army ruined my life and my relationship. It was worthless for me. Long story :)