13 November 2012

A picture attempt

Lately I had a stunning renovation considering lipstick. I color my lips with the cheapest eye pencil I can find [and greasiest] and then put lip gloss on. It works better than putting eye shadow + lip gloss. Doesn't last too long but it's worth to have the color you can't find anywhere!

Boris is trying to make himself unnoticeable.

Why it looks purple, I dunno. But in reality it was very blue. Boris liked the lip gloss as well. And then he licked it >_>''

Some random news:
+ Today I bought  Memoirs of  a Geisha. I hope it'll be a good book as they say.
+ I recently have been doing something I thought I will never do- I began to watch TV series. I am so ashamed of myself, but they are so thrilling and interesting!
+ Boris had a splendid interview by the College radio. It was fun and it is recorder entirely :) Here's a picture:

The weirdass interviewer had almost no idea about the post punk and goth music/ history. He didn't believe Boris actually listened to progressive rock once and that brought him to goth. What a stereotyper! Boris looks so lovely in this picture though!

Have a nice evening everyone!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. That interviewer looks like he should be in a 1980's frat! Your lips look lovely though!

    1. Thankx!
      yeah the interview made attempts to describe to the listeners about his outlook. But all in vain XD

  2. I like the eyepencil on your lips idea!