20 November 2012

Frankenweenie + a "me and Boris" post

This is going to be another "me and Boris" post. I guess you'll be getting them a lot from the obvious reasons...

So yesterday we went to see Frankenweenie! Oh what a beautiful movie it was, even more than I expected! It was so lovely and I even cried a few times. I just love Tim Burton so much for every thing he does. I can never get enough of him! Dark Shadows was also genius.

 Boris had his first ever glasses done this week. It sure makes him look more smarter than me. I think this calls for wearing high heels whenever I'm with him.

As for the Victorian Party I mentioned last post, this is what we looked like:

It was out idea together because I don't like dressing Victorian much, it was much of a phase to me when I got into Goth therefore I own some clothes. Boris on the other hand likes this style better, so everyone gets to wear what they want... Oh Boris, Tiger Lilies and The Virgin Prunes would have been so proud of you...
We really made the people in the club happy about this. Nobody expected this XD

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  1. I LOVE that Boris is wearing 'girl' clothes. I think it's great when men do this!

    1. Hah I'll tell him he'll be thrilled to hear this! Yeah I like it too when we can play with outfits :)

  2. Nice Oufits... I like the second picture...

  3. Hehe! So you did go to the movie on Monday? The last photo of Boris just screams: "I came all the way from the Victorian era and all I got is this lousy bucket of beer" lol Awesome photos :D

  4. I love the shirt of the guy!
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  5. I really love the "gender-bender" idea! I think gender stereotypes are stupid and primitive and that everyone should just behave in a certain way because that's what they like, not because they have a specific type of genitalia.
    Also, if you didn't mention it was you in those party photos I would have never realized. You kinda remind me Otto Dix's vocalist in his earlier days.

    1. Haaa I assemble Otto Dix in some way! Yeah I look like some freaky Aladin or something. Kinda hard to tell. I would have been really ugly if I was a man I believe. Boris had fun wearing a corset though XD