26 December 2012

My musical 2012

Sorry for not wishing anyone a merry Xmas, I frankly don't celebrate the holiday due to me living in a Jewish country. I can only enjoy the jolliness of the arabic quarter in our city filled with colorful lights and christmas trees. I only celebrate the new year, which is also something Israeli people don't do [makes me hate this place even more] but only russians enjoy. We'll put on our tree this friday, can't wait for that!

Anywho, in my former hebrew blog I used to have a little resume every end of the year of the music that I listened to most and made my year the best. This time I had a hard time picking out the bands, because there were so many genres I listened to this year, and sadly to admit it- I only rarely listened to my favorite band Opeth, which I always included in every resume each year. In the past I never thought I'd admit not to like this band one day, but I'm afraid that with time this sort of happened. I do like Opeth still, and no matter which music I will listen to they would always have a special place in my heart, but this year it was different. Some other bands of completely different genres took their place of passion in me, and Opeth became more of a "shelf band" that I drew eyes to in order to remember something nostalgic.
Those are my bands for 2012:

Cocteau Twins! I had the pleasure of investigating their first album this year, because 2 years earlier I enjoyed their Treasure album. Their first, Head Over Heels, has such an amazing power to it, it is so enchanting and always cheered me up, though I rarely listen to music to cheer myself up, not to mention most of those songs are far from being written on a major scale. But they also helped me to concentrate on more spiritual things, and I fell in love with the voice of Elizabeth Fraser, and her none- lyrical singing.

Noisuf X ~ X Fusion! You see why I told you I enjoyed a variety of music this year? Boy, I can't even describe how or why I feel that this guy is so talented and his music is deeper than it sounds to me. I really don't know how to say this. Whether it's the beat that always makes me want to dance [and for some reason cheers me up as well] or those little musical passages that soften the harsh electro from time to time, or his voice when he decides to sing, or perhaps those funny fragments from movies that define each song by atmosphere. I just love him!

Grauzone! This remarkable swiss band made me remember something so deep in myself I can hardly tell if it was something I actually ever experienced in this life or not. Maybe it's their sound, the lyrics, I just don't know. But mostly when I listen to music that has this peculiar sound it makes me remember something lost, maybe something from a life I didn't live, I'm afraid that's the closest way to put it. If you love new wave, you'll love them!

I'm afraid this is it. Other music I loved this year was those far well known 80's hits you can hear at a dark 80's party, some other EBM stuff and randon New/ Minimal Wave such as this. I hardly listened to trad bands as Bauhaus or Siouxsie because this year was rather synthy, but I don't regret it because this is the kind of music that stays within your heart no matter if you have it in your ears or not.

This year was a good musical year, I would like to hear your favs! 
Hope you had a nice Xmas, more new year posts soon to come!

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