30 December 2012

Happy New Gothy Year!

I won't be spending the following couple of days on my blog, so I wanted to wish you all an amazing new year, let everything be spontaneous as it should, make your plans come true the way you want them and accept every challenge as another opportunity to learn great things.

This new year was so rich and complicated for me it flew too fast, though I realized so many things about myself, my life and the world around me. The following year would be hard as hell, I can feel it, but it is a time I was struggling for for too long.

I am wishing luck and happiness to each one of my beloved readers and friends, thanks for stopping by to read my blog, it means a lot and always makes me happy to know someone else knows about me :)

Keep it Goth for the following year, discover interesting music and develop your style and never stop being creative!!
I love you guys!

Let me share with you my favorite new year song:

And remember, the way you'll celebrate new year's eve, that's how the year will be!
С Новым Годом!!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. OMG, I loved the draw!! Happy new year!



  2. Happy New Year, dear! Next year will be a big year of changes for you. That's very exciting! :o)