6 November 2012

The Names

This is a sequence of posts I decided to do out of boredom and love. It is called "The Beloved Bands of Darkness".
Basically it's just me spreading love and excitement over Goth bands that don't receive much recognition in the community. These bands are old and new and tend to hide [literary] in the shadows next to giants like Bauhaus or Siouxsie & The Banshees.
I love finding about new goth bands, it has been a hobby of mine for years and there are some amazing bands I would be glad to introduce to you in case you haven't heard of them, and I am always looking for new bands to be introduced to :)


So the first bad is.................

The Names!

Boris and I had discovered this band at an 80's party. The song we heard was so amazing Boris had to approach the DJ and ask what it was. 
This was the song we heard:

The Names names are [still active] a post punk band formed in Brussels, Belgium. They are active since 1978 and have, well, a shit ton on albums the majority of which I had yet not a chance to listen to.
I think they have a beautiful melancholic sound, and if to resemble- they do sound a lot like The Cure, but in the best positive way.
I am currently studying their album Swimming from 1982, it's their first. Very depressing and somewhat dreamy, I really love it.

I adore the lyrics as well, very intelligent and thoughtful, makes me wonder about certain things. I believe this band is one of which you listen to for a reason, when you have the mood and day for it.

Well, this was my little recommendation. If anyone has heard of The Names I would love to hear your opinion. And if you can recommend me of an another album by them that would be splendid.

Much love you guys!

+ Nebel Violet +

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