31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today was such a nice day!
I finally cured myself from the sickness that took over me lately, I've cleaned the whole house myself [still can't believe that happened] and even got to settle a proper Samhain altar and made some Halloween crafting!

And to think this is the first time I ever celebrate Halloween, wow, how unfortunate. Gotta move faster to Germany to feel  like a human gothy being more often.

I bought some bristol board today [it costed pennies, hurra!] and made these cute bats. It was a dream of mine to have my own room with gothy decorations. Finally coming true! I hate it so much when the walls are empty, need to make some spiderwebs if I'll have time.

Boris also feels the holiday spirit and he even shaved his beard and mustache! That was actually yesterday, but it looks so nice, and makes him look younger [he's like a year and a half older than me lol]. he generally likes it more without having hair on his face because it will be easier to put on makeup. 

Have a great Samhain and Halloween everyone! Hope you're not sick and have a nice place to party at.

Next post theme: Israel's first Gothic festival [makes me giggle every time I think about it].

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Very nice bats!

    Oh, I can hardly wait to ask the sister-in-law and nieces if they're going to the Gothic Festival - as if! LOL! :D

    1. If they even know of it. People are posting the official page all over facebook now.

  2. I love your bats! The walls of my room are currently full but when i move to my own place, I´m sure as hell gonna bat it up! :D

    1. Oh do that! decorating your own place is always fun! I lvoed your bats as well!