27 October 2012

My first Demonias

Thursday Boris' gift for my birthday has finally arrived in the mail!!

 Demonia swing 220 in PU

I've been wanting Demonia shoes for so many years, but never had the money or reason to buy them. I always thought that I could save the day when I'll get a pair.
But Boris' birthday in May set a start to our tradition giving each other shoes [well, we did it only once maybe it'll continue]. And they say giving shoes to each other as a gift is a bad thing :D

I bought Boris these babies:

He wanted high heels for some time inspired by 70's bands and Tom Waits [who wore red stilletoes in one of his video clips]. Boris wears those on very special occasions, having sometimes trouble stabling himself but he likes them very much ^^

I was so excited when I opened that box...
I was nervous that the size wouldn't fit, but it was PERFECT!!

I rocked them out at a party yesterday, and it was great! The platfors are so comfortable, and the shoes didn't blister my feet at all! The only difficult part was that the material is a bit hard and it's difficult to bend the ankle, but all in all it was great! It makes me so tall, best feeling ever. And adds so much to the outfit.

I am so happy I got my first Demonia shoes thanks to my darling [and his parents apparently! How sweet of them]. It was the best present ever, I thanked my love a thousand times.

Next up is to get those beautifully desired winter clothes out of the closet and start dressing like a human being at last.
I hope to get the pics of yesterdays Halloween party soon, it was loads of fun.

Have nice and cold days everyone!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. I love the Demonia swings, it's my secound pair of them, i had ones that the zip broke off, but i used to use them every single day.
    Im using them on the last photoshoot i did on the last post.
    They are totally worth it and very confortable, and the looks of it, are amazing , of course, have fun with them.

    1. Cool, I surely will. They make your look very deathrock-ish. That is almost too perfect :))