22 October 2012

My New Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Are fake and gay, or should I say- false and homosexual.

I was drooling over those shoes for a while now after seeing them in loads of Nu Goth picture the world so hates and I humbly so adore.
And then a friend has told me they have these exact same as Campbell's only at an outlet store of an Israeli brand!!!!! They look exactly the same. Nothing smells better than a cheep fake example of a fancy designed item.
I bought them for really cheap, they are sooo comfortable, believe me, says a girl who detests high heels.

I actually want to walk on heels but the reason I am not doing so is;
- I walk very fast and for very long all the time, and heels delete those options for me.
- Heels always make my legs callus no matter for how long I wear them.
- I tend to be too tall and I like my combats instead anyway.

But this time it was different. Might I add these shoes look like some mutation of Demonia + combat boots? Me like.

Hoping to rock them out at the EBM party this friday!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. Those shoes made me go "ulala"
    Have fun seeing the world from above :)

  2. You didn't thank me for the shoes! boo-hoo!!

    1. I said a friend told me! No one here has any idea who my friends are except Boris whom I'm mentioning in every post.
      But a lot of thanks anyway!!!