19 October 2012

60's party!

Boris will DJ today at a Woodstock party held by our beloved goth club.
Funny that the second stage would have 80's hits, I am constantly in doubt where will I dance more.

Things have been going well thanks to more Wicca practice...
I have more time fore things, and Boris is having fun with some culinary experiments.
This last time he made a fish & сream and with onion, it was delicious! I made my occasional spaghetti. I hate cooking really.

This would be my witchy outfit for the party tonight, having the 60's and their psychedelic depths in mind. The fishnet shirt would go with a long black skirt and my combats.

I mischievously look pale in the light. I am not near pale, I'm yellow like a Chinese slave, thought I got less tanned this summer than what I had expected. Yay!

Speaking of... I dunno:

I'm in such a good mood I might as well draw some models today for my portfolio for my future fashion studies.
Have a nice and rockin Friday everyone, don't forget to listen to tons of good music!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. When I saw the photo, the makeup looked kinda asian to me. And then you start talking about being a Chinese slave :P

    1. Yeah and then I was born in Uzbekistan and it never surprised anyone again XDD