20 May 2013

The Goth Challenge ~ Days 10 + 11

Day 10: What do you hate and love about the subculture?

This is a hard question, because I haven't experienced the subculture fully until I moved to Berlin.
I guess I can sum a few notes up regarding my experience mainly online.
What I hate:

  • Elitism. I've noticed it's a very talked subject among goth youtubers since a while ago. I think that it's disgusting when people think you have rules for goth, and if you don't fit the stereotype you're not worthy. I think that it's very simple to get into the pit of elitism and hard to get out of it, because in order to get out of it, you need to, oh my- think outside the box! You won't want to do that spending so much years inside your little gothic principles, would you? That's exactly what I mean by disliking elitism.
  • The rules. This may connect with Elitism, but the thought that you should fit the name really pisses me off. It links to self confidence obviously, for the ones that do not have it would prefer identifying themselves with the name believing that it hostages their personality and be satisfy with it. I think that you fully understand what goth means to you is when it fits you and you don't fit it. So when I say rules I mean that people are being conservative so much they decline everything new that comes into the subculture, like adaptations of different fashion styles or new kind of bands and so forth. It's like thinking there are only very specific things that identify goth and that's it. I believe that respecting the past 30 years you can't deny that goth has developed and SHOULD continue doing so, unless we all want to leave the subculture one day.
  • Primitives and closed minded people. How it kills me to see goths that act nothing like intelligent human beings, or being rude or disrespectful to others, not to mention to other people in the subculture. Among all hideous human beings that we all do a great job hating why don't we at least act like the people we would like to see on the streets instead of the average narrow minded folk? It is so simple it's silly to talk about it, but people who act badly give the worst example of our subculture to others, and we try to avoid it as much as possible don't we? I also really dislike when goths don't read books and don't try to widen their horizons with different kinds of knowledge about the world and especially the environment, but maybe that's just me. If not, tell me please!
What I love about the subculture, aside everything:

  • The gender-less issue. I just love it that you can be whatever it is that you are and still belong in the subculture enjoying all the fashion varieties and affection from other people. It is great that any kind of gender or sex preference in acceptable within the gothic subculture. It should be that way indeed. You can also play with it and not stick to one sexual orientation, I love that the subculture gives you freedom in that.
  • The sexuality. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but you really do have the freedom to express yourself and your sexual desires within the subculture. I mean that it is perhaps easier to find people who are into BDSM or really extreme things, because people are so open about it in the subculture. It is also fun to combine it with your style of clothing, and I believe it is nice that nothing stays within close doors or being regarded as a taboo....
This is all the special things I can think of right now. I've tried to write the very outstanding thing about the subculture, among all the other things we love because they don't really differ from one goth to another.

Day 11: Is Goth a lifestyle for you?

I guess so. I mean how can you refer to it really? 
I guess when you live listening to goth music, dressing goth all the time putting artsy makeup on, having goth friends, trying to decorate your home in a dark way, visiting goth clubs or events, seeing goth bands live, backing cute little bat cookies and generally can't get your mind out of this whole thing you love then yes- it is a sort of lifestyle.
I love surrounding myself with the things I love, and when they all lead to the same category of ethical combination what else can it be?
I think it's great when one embraces all aspects of the subculture. I think the biggest challenge of the subculture is actually turning your lifestyle into a job and making money within the subculture surrounding yourself with it fully, and contributing to it of course. When someone manages to do that I think it's wonderful. It isn't a must obviously, as much as it isn't a must to make your kids goth. But that's a theme for a completely different post. ;)

Here's a sexy picture for you guys XD

N. Finsternis