18 May 2013

Happy Birthday Boris!

Yaay Boris turned 23 today!!!!
Happy birthday to you my love, I love you so much!!!

Our plans of having a picnic at the park and playing badminton afterwards were ruined hence the rain and cold that felt upon us and made it feel nothing like Spring anymore!
But we had planned everything so well we still wanted to go outside and sit somewhere to eat sandwiches and desert with champagne.
Fortunately we decided to go to Schlossplatz, which is like the center of Berlin where all the tourists come, and ended up sitting under the roof of the antique museum, using its coulisse as a table.

We were right there. Only everything was grey and cold and there were almost no people! :D

Enjoying this lovely view:

I have to tell you this was so amazing and fun I felt like it was my birthday!
Putting some 80's hits [like "Dance With Me" by Lords of The New Church & "Staring" by Corpus Delicti] on full volume on my phone it felt like one big party! I have no idea what was in that bottle of bubbly that we bought for the occasion, but it made everything so funny!

Look how Boris is amazed by the view!

This looks like Freeganism! Haha.... this picnic was not only a success, we have also decided to come to that place on any possible event that we could celebrate. We felt so free and happy, it was romantic and amusing! 

See what it did to me?

This amazing desert of one piece of pineapple, strawberry and cherry cake looks like we just picked it out of the garbage. But don't let the looks full you. This was so delicious I think we would buy those pieces once more pretty soon...
At least it looks like a proper Punk Picnic!

If it wasn't so surprisingly cold today we would have had a long walk enjoying the city like we use to do. No biggie, next time we will make it up.

For this occasion I would like to write here 10 things I love in the most important person in my life. Those are only very few brief things, because Boris means too much to me in this life.
  • I love how Boris is so intelligent and has a never ending variety of knowledge in Literature, Art, Music and Film. Whenever I need to know something about a certain art form in any kind of time in History he would be the one to tell me everything in the most interesting way. He wants to study the history of art this year, I think it would fit him like a glove.
  • I love that Boris never labeled himself as something. He on the one hand was and is influenced by sometimes very specific things. And on the other hand- from everything.
  • I love that through these 6 and a half years Boris always makes me look at the world from a different perspective and helps me deal with problems in a different way. He also makes me look at my beliefs from different angles to see what I had missed.
  • I love that we never fight. This might sound too magical, but we really fucking don't. We are completely on the same vibe from the very beginning of our relationship. Whenever we don't agree on something we just talk it through or come to a compromise without too much effort. We don't have tackles and conflation. We just don't.
  • I have always admired Boris' sense of style. He is never ashamed to wear particular pieces of clothing, sometimes women's clothes to parties. He is the one that got me to DIY and goth fashion in the first place!
  • I love his sense of humor. I suppose that it might be because we are both Russian, we enjoy the most intelligent jokes and the vulgarest of them. He can always pop up with these folk-like jokes at any time. It's really not something you can find in any person XD
  • My mother once said to me that it is very important to enjoy the smell and laugh of your partner. I absolutely love the two in mine! ;)
  • I love how Boris is devoted to the things he does. He is very passionate about making music his own way, and has very specific ideas for songs and melodies that I think the world hasn't heard before. I believe that when it comes to making music Boris is inspired by the musicians he loves in a different kind of way, that even when he "copies" a sound of a guitar or a voice [that he found exciting in other songs by other musicians] it still sounds like something of his own.
  • I love how Boris treats things with care. He loves all animals creatures and values their personalities not less than of a human being. He looks with kindness at things of this world such as trees, buildings, places... When we just began dating he thought me that we should always thank a place that we have visited like a bench that we sat on and so forth, for letting us just be there in peace, like the Indians did.
  • And last, I love how Boris is the only person that can understand me, the one who can always listen to me and my troubles, and would always give advice and help me realize what is right and what is wrong. I can tell him absolutely everything, we have no secrets, I am not ashamed being my full self around him. I feel no boundaries and no walls with him. He is more than a partner, he is my best friend and my biggest love, and from the beginning of our relationship I kind of understood that is would be forever. I feel protected and at home. Home is where Boris is.
Fun Fact: I never call Boris by his name. We do have those cute and embarrassing little nicknames that cheesy lovers like us might have. I just don't write them here because there's no sense to it. It's like telling you a private joke again and again and you would never understand it. He never calls me by my name either.

Fun Fact No. 2: We communicate in a mixture of Russian and Hebrew. We have lately been mizing German and English words to our sentences as well. People get surprised that we technically don't speak fully only one language. 
Every language also plays a different role in our communication, for example: Hebrew in humorous situations where we would laugh at random shit, but when it would come to romantic and intimate things we prefer speaking in Russian because it's more special.

One last thing: Boris was really surprised when after strictly saying to me that he doesn't want anything as a gift because we have to save money, that he would be going to see Portishead in June. He was to cheap to buy a ticket for himself from obvious reasons, but after I've noticed he's been nagging to the whole world and all of our friends how amazing Portishead are and this is actually one of the band he was dreaming on seeing live, I understood that it would be a major friendship fail not to take those "hints" [Boris never actually hints] and just buy the goddamn ticket. The look on his face this morning has made me so joyful and happy. He came to Berlin to make music. He should enjoy it while he can.

N. Finsternis 

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