16 May 2013


So recently I've noticed a dramatic fall in my page viewers and comments. I couldn't tell what was the matter until a friend told me she thought I had erased my blog and was disappointed she couldn't follow it anymore.

I was so surprised telling her that hell no I haven't, but then it hit me.

I was a smart ass changing my URL to a different one hence changing my username from Nebel Violet to N. Finsternis. Little did I know is that my blog would be forever lost because the old URL was not going to be redirecting the blog address to the new one. That's why the status of the blog has completely vanished, and I can only assume that people who were following me by email or even the subscribers couldn't get into my blog.

I am regretting this reckless gesture so much because I am afraid I will not be able to get my readers back. This blog is very important to me and I am always happy whenever someone leaves a comment or someone new subscribes. I can't believe I just ruined everything with my own hands.

That is why I have been constantly posting about this paradox on my Facebook and Tumblr. I have also decided to make a "promotion video" [sounds so professional olololo] on my long lost youtube channel which apparently has almost 40 subscribers that I hoped to "attract" in order to regain the growth of interest in my blog.

So with that being said I really hope the people that have been following me will get this message and my readers would get back.

I have meanwhile got back my old URL, nebelviolet.blogspot.com.

Guys, if you're here please leave a comment it would calm my heart!!!!

N. Finsternis


  1. Personally I couldn't tell because I was away for some months, but you can always count on my opinions while I'm here, your post amuse me a lot , keep on going :D

    1. Yay they actually amuse! I think you are the first person to tell me this! :)