25 May 2013

Gothy finds- Skirts! + Deathrock Outfit! + My Religion on Clothes!

This week was quite shitty. Last night we sat for like 5 hours in a bar with friends. It was so much fun, and we agreed that the week for all of us was bad.

However, Boris and I finally managed to go out and have some shopping. I was craving to browse around the second hand stores for quite a while.
The second hand variety in Berlin is like every Israeli periphery's girl dream come true. It's really surprising how many little boutiques you can find, most of them cell "vintage" and are too expensive. The flea Markets are awesome too, you just have to go there not in winter when it's -5 degrees [unlike us...]
But the best is Humana.
Humana is sort of a combination between Thrift store and second hand. They also have "vintage" clothes from the 60's and 50's, but those are mostly super expensive and don't look as good as they may sound. There are tons of Humana stores in Berlin. They claim to do something for the planet, something donation related.... no one knows.
Their stores vary in size, sometimes you can find a huge store that you can browse through hours and hours.
The prices are perfect.

This time Boris and I browsed a small store that we knew that has a good variety of clothes.
Boris also wanted to buy himself a leather skirt. We ended up finding some awesome clothes.

I'm so sorry for the awful quality of  the photos. I took them with my mobile phone and apparently it wasn't light enough. I tried editing them so you could see the details.

Boris was very happy to wear the skirt. It looks so kinky and dark and the leather is really soft.
My skirt is actually an H&M second hand, size 34 that I was surprised to fit in!
I believe this is the most Deathrock I have ever dressed. I never thought I would wear a pencil skirt because I hate formal clothes, but this one is so sexy I believe this would be one of my most beloved clubbing pieces!
And to sum it up:
Leather Skirt- 17 Euro. I believe it's real leather, but as long as it is 200 years old and there's no need to by more or products new leather clothes I am glad I can wear it. If you want to by real leather I suggest buying second hand, that way you don't support the industry of leather clothing directly, and also do a favor to the world by wearing something in such a good quality that has been made so long ago.
Pencil Skirt- 4 Euro. I am almost positive that it would've costed over 10 Euro @ H&M/

Overall I believe people should by more second hand for the sake of the environment. There are tons of amazing clothes in an amazing shape that could be worn, there is absolutely no need for making new all the time. If you don't want to support consumerism I think it's one of the best ways. Clothes last for a very long time, people just refuse to understand it, and they are used to buying new clothes every season as if they ones they had became magically contaminated or something.

However, I must confess to you that not having such an amazing variety of second hand goods leave you with no choice than going to the mall.
When I lived in Israel I bought all my clothes from super cheap stores because everything else was expensive for me. Unless I needed new [or another pair of] shoes or items like a corset that I've had extra money for.
But when you live in an area where there are no Thrift Stores not second hand options there's not really much you can do.
It's always fun to search for better options I guess, just keep looking!

I always believed that even when it's a super cheap piece of clothing or something expensive, you much rather search for it on your own and not to by it in retail stores or from popular brands. There's nothing more heartbreaking than watching your entire school/ city wear the same pieces of clothing they bought at the local mall. It makes the clothes lose their value completely!!! 

Fun Fact: It's not that fun actually, you won't like it, it's a greedy fact, but I never lend my clothes to anyone. Unless they are cold and have nothing to wear. But I never ever lend anything from my wardrobe to someone, bee it a friend or a relative. This is my style and I will not donate it to anyone else. My clothes are mine, yours are yours. I also never lend clothes from others, I think it's humiliating. Funny that I have no problem switching clothes with Boris, but you might guess that Boris is something else ;)

So here you have it, my completely strict [and somewhat Nazi] way of viewing my wardrobe [proving a point, hopefully].

N. Finsternis


  1. I definitely agree with you on buying clothes secondhand. I've been studying abroad in Berlin since last fall and I love the flea markets here so much (the Humana near Frankfurter Tor as well 8D.) But I have to go back home to Minnesota in a month, so that'll be one thing I miss a lot. At least the thrift stores at home are good, though.

    1. Yeah the flea markets are amazing, though I find them too expensive sometimes and more tourist oriented. Humana wins for me in any case ;)
      It's a shame you have to go back home, but living in a foreign country at least for a while can give so much for a person :)
      I really want to visit those American thrift stores one day, from what I could tell you can find gold in there!

    2. Yeah. Hopefully one day I'll find my way back to Berlin. I don't think I'd move permanently, though. Too many people in the US that I'd miss.

      And definitely. There's one near my house called Earth Exchange that I really like (I think there's that one plus one more somewhere in Wisconsin.) I have a pair of boots and a velvet blazer that I bought there years ago that I wear all the time now. Let me know if you're ever near Minneapolis and looking for thrift stores =].