30 May 2013

The Secret Elevators @ The Municipality of Schoeneberg District

I am having quite a busy week because our beloved and best friend Avichai came to visit us from Israel this Sunday. He is staying at out place for one week and then he spends another week at a different friend.

I am so tired after going around the city for entire days, not to mention having language school every morning.
Which is why I have decided to share this lovely video with you internet.

We have discovered it with Boris 4 months ago, but didn't have a chance to film it properly.
Presenting to you- the creepy elevators of the municipality of Schoeneberg district in Berlin!
Now this is something you can never discover as a tourist! God thank bureaucracy for a change ;)

I'm afraid it's way too small here, please go to youtube and watch it on a big screen!
the song Laugh Clown Laugh by Kan Kan was used in this video.

More stuff to come soon, now I shall rest!
Have a wonderful almost weekend!!!

N. Finsternis


  1. Yeah, I think I'd be using the stairs! LOL

    1. Haha stairs are also fun in this case because the doors to the rooms open by themselves!