1 June 2013

Picture Heavy - Face - Post

Yesterday we went to Pech und Schwevel, our favorite goth pub. We had an amazing time just talking the time through philosophic conversations which I wouldn't have ever had with anyone but Boris our best friend Avichai.
We wanted to go to a dark 80's party afterwards, but unfortunately the place was closed and there was no party at all :( A lot of people who came by were surprised like us.
But none the less we had a great time.
Here are some pictures of yesterday's looks:

This is why I never contour my face. It's contouring itself!
I'm not wearing any makeup except concealer under my eyes + powder.

This mohawk-dragon ball z composition was very fun and fast to make. I'm not a huge fan of backcombing because I hate torturing my hair, and I am always lazy to do it [and frankly I'm not very good at it]. But this time I was very happy of the result. I love this side fringe, I never had something like that, it was also improvised fringe cutting like a month ago.

 This is a shirt I DIY-ied. 
It was a huge black T and I cut the front into lines, then cut the lines in the middle and tied them up.
On the back, I cut lines facing each other leaving a "path" in the middle. I was able to capture this a bit on camera.
It hangs about like some random straps, makes it looks more punk. I wear a see through shirt underneath, but I'm waiting to try it out with a fishnet shirt or only with bra underneath!

And I totally fell in love with this picture.
I always loved my profile, especially my nose. I am glad that sometimes I can get a good picture of my profile, because in my opinion my face doesn't look good when looking at it straight, especially on camera.
I have a few cell phones pics [including this one] that show my face just in the way I want it. These pictures come out very rarely, like they should :)

Face Mumble:
Must I say that having my natural eyebrows back since a couple of months ago was a good decision. I used to hate my eyebrows because I used to think they don't compliment my face, but as a matter of fact- they do!
I'm also glad to come back to a very old trick I used- coloring eyebrows with pencil. This time I did it with black pencil, which is my favorite, but I also do purple and blue sometimes. It is a great trick for those who don't want to shave their eyebrows but still want to add a spice to their face.
In fact, having this very basic eye makeup on pleases me too much. I used to pt makeup on my eyelids, covering them with eyeshadows and eyeliners that only made me look unnatural. Not to mention that with having asian eyes the use of eyeshadow loses its point, because it is never visible! I have fallen eyelids [like asian people have] and most of the time you could only see just a little bit of my upper lid. I am always focusing my makeup on the inner corner of my eye, because that's where I change my eye shape in order to make my eyes bigger than what they actually are.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
Today our first Summer in Berlin begins!

N. Finsternis


  1. I love the t-shirt recon.
    And that first picture is really cute and great, too =)

  2. Now, you two look really great in the pics! :) Also, I think your eyebrows look good. I do think eyebrows that are completely drawn are aesthetic too, but for myself I have always prefered leaving some of the 'original material' intact. ^^

    1. I used to shave mine until I realized it looked unnatural sometimes and to perfect for me.



    1. Really? Wow that's a compliment, because I usually think my backcombing is poor! Thanks so much!

  4. You look so good on these pictures... and I'm a Fan of your hairstyle, too...

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment! I don't think my hair looks too good though ^^''