6 May 2013

Face of the Night + Wicca Blog

I used:
Concealer under eyes by Jade [Israeli brand]
Black gel eyeliner by Manhattan
White pencil in the inner corner of my eye: random brand
Red 24 hour lasting lipstick by Manhattan.


Backcombing looks really good this time. I don't tend to do this a lot because I am lazy, but my hair is getting longer like every week so it makes it easier to make it stand up for a long time.
I also love the graphical eyeliner style. It's fun to work with especially with gel eyeliner.
I am a big hater of liquid eyeliner and black pencil tends to smudge under my lower lid. So gel eyeliner is the PERFECT tool for me. I can use it for every look I desire, I seriously don't feel the need to put anything else on my eyes!
I guess I would recommend go all the way from the outer corner of your eye connecting the line with the one that goes up from your upper lid to make the form look whole. However I do not do that because I tend to constantly tear in the outer corner of my eye. I never put makeup there.

Sadly this quite pretty look was accompanying a dreadful and horrifying evening.
I didn't write about it here because the experience was Spiritually related.
If anyone's interested you can read it on my Wicca Blog.

N. Finsternis

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