8 May 2013

Stealing Nick Cave!

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So the other night we went with Boris to Last Cathedral, a very gothy pub with skulls and a unique design and everything. It is mainly made for tourists and it was EBM night when we came. It was fun though, the beer is perfect there!

Anywho this is not what the story is about.

We occasionally collect posters from the street. I have been doing this since we moved because I was so excited about all the events here I wanted to go to all of them but obviously didn't. So I had a vision to cover the entire wall in our room with posters from different parties and concerts.

That's how after going back home from the pub we stumbled across a Nick Cave poster!
He will be performing in June at some festival here, and we were excited about the poster more than we were of the show itself!
As a big Cave fan until the album of the year 2000 and absolutely nothing beyond, Boris immediately wanted to take the poster with him.
That's why we were excited to find a cool Cave poster to add to our poster wall- because Boris loved everything Cave did until the beginning of the 21st century. Afterwards Boris was disappointed from his music, but he still loves Cave as a figure that influenced him a lot :)


Must I add that low crutch pants make every outfit 10 times gothier?


Better than a picture of your grandfather on the wall, that's for sure!

Tips on stealing posters:

  • Make sure nobody looks if it's a big one.
  • If you're lucky and it's wet you'll have no problem to rip it off. If it's freshly glued it won't be a problem as well. 
  • If it sticks tight I wouldn't risk because the paper might rip to pieces. Search for a different one!
Aside from those 4 we have a few more on different part of the room. I sadly also had to leave some posters in Israel, such as the Tiger Lillies and Diorama gig! I hope to have the back to me somehow one day ;)

N. Finsternis


  1. your pants are sooo cool!! I can see you both are having a great time in germany!