17 June 2015

Blast From The Past: first "goth" picture

The year is approx. 2005, and I am approx. 14 years old. I am deep into baroque music: going to an arts inclined middle school and majoring in music, visiting private recorder lessons with my incredible tutor and doing so many musical activities that have since then changed my life.

In the picture I am playing at the Abu-Gosh (Arabic village near Jerusalem) music festival for the first time. I would play there 2 more times in future years with the baroque ensemble my tutor organized.

You can hardly see it, but my hair has bleach strikes from the washed pink I´ve had in, first time coloring hair as well! I was the only one at school with pink hair and was almost banned for it XD.
I am tanned!
These pictures were taken by my mom, she was very proud of me learning music, and I have enjoyed it a lot.
This is one of my first "alternative" outfits (mind blown!!!), with one of the only black pieces I owned.
At the time I way very fond of old victorian things, I fancied different fabrics like lace, mesh, silk or whatever, architecture of the time etc... and I loved the aesthetic of the baroque era too, respectfully. I´ve always wanted to dress a lot more creatively on stage, but that was sort of an issue with the classical music audience. My tutor always told me not to give a shit though.

These pictures are still one of my favorite, mom took very nice shots.

Still recovering from surgery, so I thought I´d show you pictures from when I was young and healthy.

N. Finsternis


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery from surgery. I always love seeing these early photos of everyone. Your mom and tutor are awesome for supporting you and your interests (and mom does take nice photos!)

    1. hehe thanks, I like sharing the images, I am at the point where I don´t cringe at them anymore and it´s a nice memory :)