10 July 2015

Ankh choker by Twirly Trinkets- Etsy shop review

Looking at various online stores inspired by 90s fashion made me crave for a choker, but unlike usually I kind of wanted it to be more goth.

I was happy to find an ankh choker on Etsy sold by a shop called Twirly Trinkets. Little did I know that I´ve contacted the sweetest seller in the world.
Seriously, I have been very happy about how personal purchasing on Etsy can get, but I just had fun writing to the seller, Penny, back and forth and I really could feel the person on the other side caring a bunch about her costumer. Needless to say the item came in perfect condition and looks absolutely beautiful:

It was tricky taking a picture of the ankh when facing the window light.
Also, this is a black curtain behind me to have a decent background for selfies at last. I am giving you production value here, people!
I loved a lot of items in the shop as well, I think the various chokers can go great with different styles, I loved the velvet ones especially. Also the prices are just right.
I have missed some classical gothic jewelry, but I like how simple these ones are, most goth chokers have way too much detail for my taste. Here are a few of my favorites:

Link to item

Link to item

Link to item

Have a wonderful weekend!

N. Finsternis


  1. I'm loving that the 90s choker is coming back. I kind of wish I didn't throw all of my old jewelry out. the ankh design is so classic. I love it