11 December 2015

Some GIFs

Lately my friend Trish showed me this really cool app called GifMe, where you can create your own gifs! Now my phone-spending time is even greater than before.

The only down side is that you cannot post the GIFs to instagram, but at least I can do it here. Phew, it won´t go for nothing at least.

For instance, watch this footage of Boris cutting a pumpkin:

Or me doing what I do best:

Look at the Hanukkah candles (with the pentacle and iconography in the background XD):

Or my artistic attempt! This will blow up on Tumblr!

This reminds me of stop motion animation. You can even shoot a band video with this!
Although I bet Jan Svankmajer would have a lot to say about stop motion:

N. Finsternis