5 October 2016

25 Lessons I learned in 25 Years

Hello world, I turned 25 today! I am happily married, dragging my uni studies to infinity, having visa trouble in Germany, get hardly impressed by new music and already had a few orthopedic problems and a knee surgery. What a time to be alive!

So in the great tradition of Jenna Marbles's videos, here's my post of 25 lessons learned in 25 years of existence:

1. Going clothes shopping alone is the best thing ever.

2. One can learn great things from a youtube video, just like I did about the origins of emo music, back when everyone was coloring their bangs blue in 2005.

3. This is what you get when you google "Peter Hammil sad":

4. Classical music school is the best music school.

5. No matter how hard you try to be invisible, there will always be someone who will hate you and/or try to do you harm just because you're being who you are. A lesson learned in elementary school.

6. Wearing comfortable clothes can boost your body imagine more than exercise or dieting.

7. Never underestimate your mother's love, she always cares no matter what you do.

8. The most painful experiences in life make for the best creative energy. Sometimes I wished I had more of those. It's a decadent approach, I know, but it kept me going.

9. When in doubt - smile. Sliding through confusion, fear or awkwardness is never made easier with a grumpy face.

10. Padding translucent powder over gel eyeliner will make it stay forever (just when you though gel eyeliner stays on forever anyway).

11. People with flawless eyebrows should be respected.

12. Speaking various languages is the best possible thing you can do to yourself in life. 

13. Just because a person is goth/alternative looking, doesn't mean they're smart/intelligent/nice/not racist/listen to good music.

14. You can be the worst in math and still survive.

15. Almost always, no matter the genre, live music will be an interesting experience.

16. Taste in food changes over time - now I love eggplants and hate chocolate.

17. Everyone has been through some shit in life. No one gets it easier, everyone is tripping out from different things - money, family, career goals, identity. You name it. Everyone has a fight to win and it's fascinating and very fair.

18. Some people are very logical and rational, and they should be treated with understanding and love, even though they're completely crazy.

19. A shared mother language can go a long way, especially with people who you thought you had nothing in common with.

20. There will always be a little part of you that no one will ever understand. A little piece from the past, a small voice in your head, an inner dialogue. It's something no one can take away from you.

21. Know how to differ infatuation from love.

22. Never be ashamed of your hobbies, however amateur they might be.

23. When in doubt #2 - google it! Nothing boosts your self acceptance more than knowing somebody had already asked "what is the area between the anus and testicles?".

24. Wear comfortable shoes! Alternatively - don't wear cheap ass shoes, you'll make your feet happier!

25. And lastly - nobody knows you better than you know yourself.

I hope this entertained you! What lessons have you learned so far?
I will celebrate with our band's gig this friday and then with a small birthday party on saturday. Meanwhile I'll enjoy today's rainy day and eat something nice.


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