10 February 2017

A Bunch of Psychedelic Collages

I've been obsessed with collecting psychedelic collage art on Pinterest. This is like one of those random things that I just enjoy looking at and that makes me instantly happy.

I don't know much about collage art, I only know there are countless ways of making them. I love vintage-looking collages the most, they kind of give you a Summer-y feeling we could all use right now. Disfiguring reality is fun!

Here are some of my favorite ones. Some sources to the pictures were incorrect, so if there's no source mentioned, go to my Pinterest board.

First, there's the classic galaxy themed collages:


                                                                                  by Joe Webb

Some moon collages were dope too:

by Rachel Brice

The claustrophobic city collages are what really did the trick for me. I love how using photos of regular objects in a different setting makes for a very unsettling composition:

                                                                   by Sammy Slabbinck

Cymophobia much?                                                                           Source

Hope this gave you some inspiration, or at least some Summer vibes! I love browsing this kind of pictures the most, they thrill me and give me a whacky look on reality when life's too boring.