3 March 2017

What I Dislike About My Favorite Bands?!

I frequently criticize the things I love. Surprising? Not really... I love finding out why I like what I like; what makes a piece of art - be it a book, a film or a piece of music - touching? Why am I attached to something so much? I am the last person to try and explain things with reason, so my "search for meaning" is rather introspective - I just want to understand myself better by questioning what I love. 

So lets play a game where I pick out my favorite bands and ruthlessly elaborate about what I don't like about them. I am always praising my favorite bands/albums/songs, but nothings is perfect. Balance should be everywhere, and even Opeth are no exception (gasp!). Speaking of which:

Ok, so it's my favorite band in the world, right? Well, up until a certain album. And that certain album is Watershed. Ever since Opeth dropped the death metal subcategory of their music and took things more 70s prog rock, fans have been divided into 2 groups - people who love the "new" Opeth, and people who hate the "new" Opeth. I definitely belong to the latter group. I respect Opeth immensely for always changing and doing what they like, a band can never be stuck in one place, it's impossible and kind of disappointing. 
But things finally ended with Heritage for me, what a strange Jethro Tull attempt... What a contrast to the heavier sound of Blackwater Park and Deliverance; where are the growls, where are the heartbreaking waves of guitars? I don't think you can fully remake 70s prog rock, with all my love for 70s prog rock... 
Their last album Sorceress didn't make things better either. I could appreciate it, sure, but Opeth will forever be the gloomy, death/doom mix of their first few albums, which I find remarkable. My humble opinions on the Opeth discography deserve a post of their own, but as long as Mikael Akerfeldt doesn't growl, I and a lot of other "old" Opeth fans are not too happy.

Fortunately, they play a majority of old songs live and going to their gigs is an experience I want to relive every single day of my life.

And another thing: for the most part, I couldn't care for their lyrics. Sure, I cite Opeth lyrics like all the time, and I have my Instagram to prove it. But it's just sentences here and there that I find beautiful. When I was younger, I tried reading the lyrics of my most favorite songs but couldn't make sense of it. Yeah, dream/forest/woman/sadness blah blah blah.... every now and then I would enjoy an entire song's lyrics, but it's rare. I just love the music, really. I really can't stand their lyrics videos, who cares?
I am such a hypocrite fan ;)

Nothing makes lyrics more irrelevant for me than my next favorite band - The Mars Volta. Really, Cedric Bixler Zavala, aside from being an incredible singer and a gorgeous looking man, has really fucked the whole lyrics thing up.
I know, I know - super progressive, philosophical, our of this world, beyond consciousness and acid worthy lyrics type of shit going on. I get it, it's what TMV are all about. But come one - I can't even remember at least 1 song by it's lyrics (ok, not entirely true but still) plus they make zero sense. It's completely abstract and to some may sound unemotional at all. 
Frankly, TMV's music is so emotional to me that like with many bands that I love - I couldn't care less about the lyrics. But god, can you at least give me a thread here? Lead me to at least a hint of a story? 

Here's an example of one of my favorite songs, Inertiatic ESP (the title "says it all"):

"What of this mongrel architect   
a broken arm of sewers set 
past present and future tense 
clipside of the pinkeye fountain  
Now I'm lost" 
 Yeah, I'm fucking lost too...

Next up are....

What can I possibly not like about Bauhaus? Well, maybe the fact that they don't play anymore? At least not in that formation, it's just Peter Murphy now (which I haven't seen live yet! urgh...).

There's the whole lyrics part again. Have you tried reading Bauhaus lyrics? They are pretty abstract most of the time... they're not even that goth (because Bauhaus are technically not goth - ha!); they're not even that romantic either... I mean, Peter Murphy sure gives you a sleazy, disturbing feeling with his attitude as a front man. I've always found it interesting, so I guess I cannot mention it as something I dislike.

Another thing would be - yet this is a contribution of the goth subculture - that Bauhaus are regarded as a goth band. They're so not, and Peter Murphy himself stated that they couldn't make sense of the goth label. Bauhaus are a post punk band - a post punk band with dub influences and a bunch of other shit. Shrinking them into just the goth label is frankly an insult to this great band.

And last but not least...

Just please release an album already!!!!!

I think I've said enough for now. Maybe we can continue this another day?
What do you dislike about your favorite bands the most? 



  1. Haha those lyrics! But honestly most bands disappoint me with lyrics. There are some truly awful lyrics. Lol don't listen to a perfect circle if you like tool but hate bad lyrics. My favorite bands: NIN: sucks now. Gary Numan: stop wearing affliction shirts. Foetus: what's with the dumb "sound art." Soulfly: band name's so dumb I'm embarrassed to tell people I like them. FLA: literally every song sounds the same

    1. Are you kidding me?! I LOVE A Perfect Circle, loved them waaaay before I started listening to Tool. I actually love their lyrics, always beautiful!
      I don't usually care about bands' lyrics, unless I can hear their meaning through their music. I don't even know how to explain the times when I found lyrics to be meaningful. And Also The Trees are a nice example of very poetic lyrics, it's pretty much their thing.

    2. I stopped listening to them after emotive--literally threw that CD out the window while I was driving, I hated it so much--so maybe my info might be out of date...

    3. I tried the first album and didn't like it, but Thirteen Step is great, I listen to it all the time!

  2. It is such a shame when either the lyrics or the music sucks. :D

    I have to admit that I'm not fan material at all. I just do not really care about the people behind the songs and albums I like. >_> The work of art interests me much more than the artist. Of course some artist might be works of art themselves but I feel it is often so carefully constructed that it lacks life. You know what I mean?

    1. I understand this completely, I amcfar from fangirling over all the bands I listen to and I usually don't care about the people behind the band. I do it in cases where I completely fall in love with te music, and consequently with the artists themselves :)

  3. They are humans after all, they would definitely make mistakes.
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