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!ברוכים הבאים
Herzlich wilkommen!

Hello there, my name is Maria and this is the place where I mainly talk about myself and the things that interest me. People seem to find it to their liking, which is a fantastic treat for my feeling of self importance.

On a more realistic note...
This blog is about alternative fashion, music (mainly contemporary post punk) and the documentation of me exploring the subcultural life in Berlin. 
I am fascinated by the alternative scene and write a lot about my observations in squats, 80s parties and live gigs. I also like to give the spotlight to my friends´ bands and their projects within the subculture.

Aside from that I love sharing my experiences from living in different countries, speaking different languages and facing cultural differences throughout life. It is an inevitable part of me and I write on the topic a lot.

About me...
I was born in Uzbekistan, grew up in Israel and it has been 3 years since I have accomplished my dream and moved to Berlin with my love, Boris. 
I consider Russian and Hebrew as my mother languages, German my business language and English as my language for self expression.
If this has made you raise an eyebrow, then you might be interested in reading the Where The Hell Do I Come From post.
I have been writing a blog since I was 14. My first blog was in Israblog, and I´ve decided to continue it in Blogger in 2012.
I am currently studying social sciences at Freie Universität.
I am 25 years young.

Favorite music genres: 
post punk (80s and contemporary), stoner doom, punk 77, progressive rock.

If you have opinions/questions/complaints or compliments please do share them in the comments! 
I want to know of your existence!
Alternatively, you can always send me an email to deusexxxmachina.blog@gmail.com.

Other things you need to know about this blog:


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