15 January 2013

Germany Here I Come!

Hi everyone!
My last post from Israel! I can't believe that in a few hours I'll be on a train to the airport leaving for my adventure! I can't wait to begin, I'm happy and terrified!
I hope to write here again soon about how things are going on.

I also have good news:
Yesterday I received a letter from the Weissensee school of art in Berlin. I've sent my application like a month ago and it arrived one day after deadline, but they've replied in the middle of January [as the website says] and they invite me to handle my portfolio and home assignment!!
I was so excited and happy, not to mention I even forgot that I've been waiting for their answer lol...
Looks like I'll be doing my best to pass the exams for fashion design studies! Ahhh I am so happy!!!

I'm off now for more packing, showering and dressing up.
If I'll have a chance to write from the airport [WIFI?] I'll do my best.

Bye bye my lovelies,
Wish me luck!

+ Nebel Violet +