19 January 2013


Hey there you guys! I am officially alive and happily spending my time in Berlin!
It's been 4 days since we've arrived, first 2 days were horrible because the cold was very new to us [and well, cold], we had some errands to do that were very difficult because one thing followed another, so we couldn't proceed doing things we need because of biorocratic stuff.
But nonetheless, after 2 days of couchsurfing we finally found a WG [Wohngemeinschaft, where several people live in an appartment together] and we even met finally some Goth people that we were in contact with on facebook, and also went to a punk concert and saw Tanzkommando Untergang!!
I was so happy yesterday, and I can say I'm happy every day here! The people are beautiful and nice, and polite [I actually forgot what politeness was living in Israel all my life]. The Goth scene here looks amazing, we haven't been to parties or other more related concerts yet but with the help of our new friends of Tanzcommando, who also came to Berlin out of nowhere like us, I am assure you there would be lots of adventures!

Here are some photos of us walking around the city, because we have to know it somehow, but the amazing snow and cold kind of made it hard for us. But we survived, with 3 layers of stockings and 3 layers of socks!

The view from our window in the first morning. We were like, fuck, we haven't seen snow in like 20 years!!

 This how I look basically every day wrapped in layers.

Going to see Tanzcommando!

And I'd also like to share this journal that I bought from a completely normal shop in the underground.
Gothic! Woow!! It was standing there next to Orkus. My god....
I am so happy I'm in Deutschland!!!!

More updates are soon to come, I am going to eat breakfast!
Hope you are all doing well!

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. I'm so happy that you both are so happy! I think after about six months, my niece finally got used to the snow and cold when she came to live here in Canada ... LOL!

    1. I think I will get used to it because I kind of like it :)

  2. Чёрная неваляшка хехехе :) I see you're having a good time there and very glad for you ^_^

  3. I am glad that you like Berlin. I like this City so much, too... and we will spend this year a few days in Berlin again.. HOLIDAY!!!
    There is a concert in April (IAMX) that we want to visit... I am looking forward to this holiday...

    1. Wow IAMX sounds cool, I like them! Maybe we could meet when you'll be there :D

    2. Yes of course...I'll let you know when we're going to Berlin...It will probably be the first week of April.. It would be so fantastic if we could meet...