28 January 2013

Post Punk bands and Updates!

Hey there you guys!
On a contrary to previous posts I can say that I am no longer depressed, thank you for cheering me up, reading your comments made me feel very good, but in the end it was just a passing low mood as it always does. I am alive and full of energy to create and be who I am for the following month. I hope that those things that worry me won't concern me as much and I will give the best I can.

The past week I made some friends, it is very nice to spend time with people whom you don't need to explain which kind of music is Post Punk! It was such a nice feeling to make a conversation flow like water with the themes we all love so much. I can say that I am experiencing myself literary as part of the subculture, which is something I never felt before.
Talk about experiences, Berlin has such a big variety of goth parties you can attend! Aren't in a mood for synthpop? Go check the New Wave party or the Cold Wave/ Minimal Synth shit with lots of people until 7 am!
This is so crazy, it is something I never even dreamed of! To be able to choose from several gothic parties per night? Fucking shit man!

I was also so happy to be introduced to a lot of post punk and cold wave bands thanks to a new friend Marta, the singer of Tanzkommando Untergang. The band will be playing with Spear of Destiny in February!!! I cannot wait to see that I am so happy for them!!!
Regarding to the new music I was introduced to, I would really want to make several posts for you guys, hoping I would show someone here something new, because this is so interesting for me it makes me happy so much!

recently bought this dress from a second hand shop

Here's a random fun fact: I was so surprised to find out that not only I am familiar with Neva, the French cold wave band! I am living in the middle of everything, this feels amazing!
After living in the middle of nowhere only praying for having so many people who can exist among you who are interested in the same things, having the chance to see bands that I love in concerts and going to awesome parties, I don't even have the words to describe how does it feel! It sounds like bragging, but after walking the streets here you understand why the whole world is located here beside you!

You have to hear this it's an amazing russian post punk band! I was really impressed :)

Utro [Morning] with their song Ritual.

+ Nebel Violet +


  1. I'm glad to see you like this! And at the same time envy (the good kind) of you living the way you wanted! yay!!